The Funky Jalopy’s Working Holiday

We always like to get our car(s) into photogenic spots on offroad trips, here’s a few from my Salalah.  The inspiration for this project came from a holiday a number of years ago which yielded my favourite offroad car shot, so I will kick off with it.  (It’s a 3 litre Pajero – and we used to dune bash with it – oh the shame! These days I’m always advising people not to buy Pajeros for offroading, particularly the 3.0 model)

 Hanging gardens, just out of Buraimi, Oman (Oct 07)

In the mountains near our campspot, just up from Mughsail Beach


Wadi Darbat

Taif Cave

Khor Ruori

Leopard Footprint Wadi

Lost city of Ubar
Next time I am stuck for something to blog about I will post the best of the desert car shots!

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