Weekly Photo Challenge: From Every Angle

In response to this week’s WPC – From Every Angle

I’ve had the pleasure of attending Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority’s “Arabic Coffee Masterclass” today.  As expected it was very interesting; would you believe there are 91 points of etiquette in the serving and receiving of “ghawa”?

Coffee is brewed in a dallah; each Gulf Country has a slightly different design and I took the opportunity to snap one of the Emirati ones “from every angle.”  This icon of Emirai hospitality appears on the back of the one dirham coin; Sheikh Zayed decreed that rather than his profile, the UAE coinage would show symbols of the UAE.

The dallah has a long spout as traditionally, fibre from the palm tree trunks would be rolled into a ball and wedged at the top to create a filter, stopping any stray coffee grounds reaching the guests’ cups.

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