Dark Skies Challenge 2017

It seems that no sooner have we recuperated from our hogmanay (New Year’s Eve, Scottish style) celebrations that it is time to prepare for the Dark Skies Challenge.  The fourth edition of this team-based long-distance desert event was held on 23rd-25th February 2017.  As usual we had photo competitions – please stop by the Dark Skies Challenge’s FB to vote!

We had some great sponsors on board and thank Tredpro, OutdoorUAE magazine, Tilal Liwa Hotel for supplying prizes for our competitions.  An extra big thank you to Nizar from Jeepers Auto Mechanical Repairing for supplying us with some wonderful high-quality polo shirts – will be wearing mine frequently until the DSC 2018!

The photo competition entries, as always, are in 7 categories




Photoshop – teams can let their imagination run wild….or just manipulate the settings on a standard photo

Sunrise/Sunset (Low sun) – a bit of a challenge on a cloudy and windy afternoon but many managed it, well done teams!

Desert Life

And last but not least, action

Voting closes at 8pm on Tuesday 7th March so there is still time to vote  – good luck to all the teams.

A brief report on the Dark Skies Challenge will be published in OutdoorUAE magazine March edition with the winning photographs due to be published in the April edition.

One of my personal favourite photos from the event is by Zoe Habrich – would you believe that driving over 200kms over sand dunes in cold/windy/rainy weather could be so much fun???


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