Dark Skies Challenge and Dark Skies Extreme 2018: 22nd/24th February 2018

It’s time to launch THE long-distance point to point challenge of the season!

  • 150kms for Dark Skies Challenge
  • 200kms for Dark Skies Extreme

The 2018 event will be our fifth edition!

  • October 2014 – Oasis Offroad teams only – 28 cars including sweep – a bit hot but overall nice weather

  • February 2015 – Open Event – 53 cars including sweep – this was the “sandstorm edition”

  • February 2016 – Open Event – 73 cars including sweep – the “foggy morning delaying us for 3 hours” edition

  • February 2017 – Open Event – 81 cars including sweep – the “dark skies during the day” edition – cloudy, windy, night-time lightening storm and heavy rain on the saturday morning!


  • February 2018 – Open Event – ?

Reserve Your Team’s Place!

This year we are asking for team pre-registration as soon as possible.  The early bird price has been set at 990 AED which is lower than last year to encourage early bookings, and will apply for team registrations received and paid for by 31st December 2017.

Full information can be downloaded here

Team registration form below

Note – we do not need to know your team members or vehicles at this time, just that you will be fielding a team from your club for the event.

What will you call your team? Be as imaginative as you like!
The person who will handle admin for your team. Not necessarily the person who will lead the team across the DSC or DSE course
Note - Dark Skies Extreme - limited places and priority will be given to those who have participated in either the DSC or DSE before. DSE entries from new teams will be accepted after 10th December.
I accept

*Priority for entries for the Dark Skies Extreme will be given to teams/leaders who have participated in either the DSC or the DSE before.


  • Register for the event now!
  • We don’t need to know which cars/drivers at this point.
  • To reserve a place for your team a deposit of 250aed is required and this should be paid by credit or debit card; an electronic invoice will be raised on receipt of the form.
  • Deposits are non-refundable should you decide at a later date you do not wish to participate.
  • PLEASE WHATSAPP ME ON +971 509 478 563 after you complete the form – we have had cases of them going missing in cyberspace before!
31st December
To qualify for the early bird booking price, the payment balance should be made before this date
31st December
If you have not booked already, and if there are places still available, this is your last chance to book for early bird prices
1st February 2018
Full details of team members, cars, telephone numbers and of course passengers should be supplied
22nd February 2018
Meet at Arada from 5pm onwards!

Queries and feedback – please email marina@desertdivaevents.com

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