‘Tis been a while

My apologies – been living life to the full at the usual crazy pace!
Will have to add to my blog on a daily basis for the rest of the year to fill you in on bits you have missed.
In October, with my colleagues at UAEoffroaders, we ran the Pink Drive which raised 18,000aed for the Tawam Hospital Breast Cancer Centre Patient Fund.
Everyone had to wear pink – some of us accepted this challenge more readily than others – and particpants were encouraged to decorate their cars. In case you are wondering, didn’t give Xazu a respray, instead using double sided tape I attached some sequined fabric, and drove on, glittering as I went. It all stayed on til the end too.
Last year at the same event, as main organiser I ended up not being able to drive, which was a bit like not getting to dance at your own party, so this time I led the first convoy out.
I was fortunate enough to have the acting nurse manager of the BCC at Tawam as a passenger, a fine Scottish Lass called Sine who has been here in Al Ain for quite a few years, together with her lovely 6 year old daughter. Well these two had an absolute blast, every slipface I descended they were screaming rollercoaster style (had to tell the rest of the convoy that the shouts on the radio were ones of joy, not of fear!) and they were just so delighted to be in the desert environment with me.
The little girl asked me “what are the dots in the desert”, and I couldn’t think what she meant, until she pointed them out again…… can you guess what dots in the desert might be? I’ll give you a clue
yep, you’re right – camel droppings. Inadvisable to drive through concentrated amounts of them or else your car will smell of dots from the desert all the way home!
Ok that’s it for today, wasn’t that difficult to write my blog entry, there’s certainly plenty of material here to do it! Will need to try to be like my friend Jill who has a fabulously interesting blog and adds to it almost every day!

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