Petrolhead Paradise

One of my New Year Resolutions is to blog at least twice a week, so here goes….
There is a huge event at Moreeb Dune in Liwa on the first weekend of every year, and we were lucky enough to go along to it. UAEoffroaders had arranged some pre-erected tents with power and light
and we had toilets and showers in the campsite too!
While there we ran some offroad trips on the beautiful high dunes surrounding the camp area….
There was a bit of a festival atmosphere around the place, lots of people had taken quads to play around on the dunes, and there were a few microlights…
On Friday night we had almost ringside seats to see some souped up cars tackle a steep sandy incline, the record was 7.01 seconds set by one of the 8 cylinder vehicles.
And we had fireworks of course (not including the flames and backfires from the cars!)
It was a noisy weekend, with almost constant noise from cars, quads and bikes, not to mention Xazu, who’s exhaust broke on the way there – 600kms without a silencer! Neil and some of the guys valiantly tried to replace it with one a friend had brought down from AD, but it was impossible to totally remove the old one…
On the way home, Jane and I did a little bit of offroading to avoid some gatch track, and when deflating, we saw this herd of deer just beside us
And finally, once we reinflated and returned to the blacktop, the fun part of the weekend was over and we had to drag ourselves back to civilisation…

All that remains now is to catch up on the washing – and our sleep!!!

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