Empty Nest

Yesterday my younger son, Cameron, left the UAE to go back to the UK permanently. So I’ve got an empty nest, and it’s a quiet house.
There aren’t many opportunities for young expat lads in the UAE, many return to their home countries for their last years of school and for University, so he hasn’t had any friends in his peer group out here, which is not an ideal situation. So he’s off to live with his Groovy Gran in Aberdeen, where hopefully a whole new world of work, discovery and leisure will unfold for him.
It doesn’t seem long since he was a baby, the happiest and sleepiest child a mum could wish for.
He was pretty cute when he was growing up too
Before we knew it he was leaving school and we were heading to live in the UAE

He’s had a great life experience out here, in a culture so different from our own, learned new skills, met interesting people, grown up so much
So on Thursday it was time to head to Dubai, stay overnight at the Hilton at the Creek (VERY nice).
And then say “cheerio” and put him on a plane for “home”.
He has been a keen non-driving member of UAEoffroaders, and one of my friends, a fellow marshal started a lovely tribute thread for him, it’s great to know that in the two and a half years he’s been here he has touched the hearts of many.
Cameron, although we all know you need to move on, you will be missed by us all, especially me and your Dad. You are in our thoughts all the time, please try hard in everything you do, success will come with hard work and a positive outlook. Don’t forget to have fun though!
and here’s a photo his Gran took of him as he arrived in Aberdeen Airport.

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