Movin’ Metal

Once upon a time, there was a landcruiser, that caught fire on the nagrah dune in Sweihan. It lay there, lonely and unwanted for a long long time. (Well apart from the engine, that disappeared quite quickly!)
One day two friends noticed that someone had dragged it about 100m further down the sand dune.
That lacks imagination exclaimed one, “surely it would be more challenging to stand it up on it’s nose, that way it could have some artistic value – we could call it the ultimate winching exercise” “Cool idea replied her friend, but the name is wrong…. let me think”
And so Carhenge: The Project was born. All their friends rallied round, keen to join in what must be the most insane desert project ever.
The team dug a hole
and we winched it up gradually……
“Planted” it – can we expect a new toyota to spring up if it rains?
Next time we do this we should prize the doors open whilst the car is on the ground. Well done Vince and Hennie!
Marks for technical merit
And there it stands, a monument to some totally crazy expats! I SO wish I could have stayed there for the rest of the day, hidden behind a dune, to see the expressions of the guys who play on that dune on a Friday 🙂
BIG thank you to Mark, Hennie, Jane, Lee, Sultan, Bruce, Louise, Raynhard, Vince, Sophie, Dewald, John, Richard and Pippa 🙂
Cue enigmatic desert music………….
  1. YOU ARE INSANE but very creative and I LOVE it!!! Modern Desert Sculpture. Carhenge – I think this has to be put on the tourist map.

  2. We sure have! Maybe we could ask "tour arabia" if they want this to be one of their stopoff points on their safaris lol 😉

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