Today’s the day: Super Special Stage ADDC

After months of planning and waiting – and not just the competitors – today is the day that the wheels start turning on the 2012 Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge.

This morning sees the drivers’ briefing, which my marshal team will attend, then a quick dash down to Marina Mall to help with the set up for the prologue.

We’ll stay for a while to spectate, then Vince, Wallie, Raynhard and myself are heading off for our first night’s camping; we need to have our passage control open at 8.30am tomorrow, so it’s easier to stay there tonight that to drive the 230kms from Al Ain in the morning.

My car is overflowing with stuff….and this morning I expect it to start!  It has been at my friends’ house for the past week, and yesterday when I went to swap it over with Neil’s FJ the battery was completely dead.  New battery on order expected today, and rather than have the hassle of battery changing in the morning, I borrowed the FJ’s battery.  It’s not easy lifting batteries out when you are 5’4″ tall, but with the help of my friend Pam, who is a torch holder and motivator extrodinaire, we got there and Xazu started no problem.

Til tomorrow, when I should hopefully have some photos to upload…

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