Salalah Birds and Beasties

Another easy blog for me – some of the lovely (and one not so lovely) creatures we encountered.

Gorgeous dragonfly captured by my hubby, Neil Bruce.

Lots of geckos

even a little white one

A seabird – quieter than the scurries in the NE of Scotland.

unless you scare them en masse.

Some flamingos

and a solitary eurasian spoonbill (thanks Mike)

a not so nice beastie – photo taken by Neil Bruce (if you think I would get this close to it, forget it!  Though it did emerge from under our tent, so we must have been sleeping on top of it)

These birds woke us up in the morning as they swooped around our tent, nice call but not 6am when you are on holiday! 

and finally, a fossil.  Well it used to be a (sea) beastie, about 300 million years ago!

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