UAE National Day Weekend 2012

The Emiratis are immensely proud of their country and all it has acheived in such a short space of time – and so they should be.Every year, they mark the occasion of the UAE’s birthday – this year it was 41 – in style, with lights on lots of major buildings, fireworks, shows, displays, and of course it’s a great excuse for them to decorate their cars!

You might have noticed that I always like to embrace local culture when possible, so I have always stickered up our car!

My 2009 effort
Tried harder in 2010
Went all out for the 40th Anniversary in 2011

and this year?

I wonder if Sheikh Zayed enjoyed his trip around the dunes of Al Ain and Nahil? (Great pic by friend Heidi)

 My patrol even made it into the local press!  Great photo – thanks Nicky!

As the National Day landed on a Sunday, most people were off between Friday and Sunday, so I organised a camping trip for Oasis Offroad and invited ME4x4 as our guests.  You can read about it here.

During the drive we had a shower of heavy rain and once it was over, the sun came out and we had a beautiful rainbow – I hadn’t seen one in the UAE before!  At the end of the day we had a campfire and BBQ with many camping overnight in the dunes, followed by another drive on the Saturday morning.

It was a bit hazy, but there were some great photo ops!

This was a brilliant stuck, recovered first by a bit of winching, then some digging and a whole lot of pushing!

The rain made the driving “different”!

The Oasis Offroad weekend wasn’t over yet – we had our Zakher Pools Drive on National Day itself – 2nd December.  After the rain on Friday and hazy cloud on Saturday, we couldn’t have asked for a better day for photos!

The red Al Ain sand with Jebel Hafeet behind.

Highlight of the afternoon was the “fun with shadows bowl”

And my favourite photo of the day?  

Another great shot by my friend Wallie!

Happy Birthday UAE – long may your country prosper!

A big thank you to Wallie, Nicky, Heidi and Simon for letting me and Oasis Offroad use their fantastic photos. 

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