Men in Kilts and other Scottish Sights

I had the pleasure of being at the 136th Nairn Highland Games today.  We had typical Scottish weather, that is a bit of rain, the odd gust of wind and a good bit of summer sunshine which must have made it a bit warm for those participating in the Nairn Half Marathon.  A wide range of sporting events took place in the arena throughout the afternoon – from athletics through to the tug o’ war – and the large crowd never stopped cheering on the participants.


Our first kilt sighting of the morning was before we even reached the games; in Sainsburys we spied someone stocking up for the day.  Don’t you think that the kilt looks good on any Scotsman, even if he is a hefty loon (chunky young man).


Traditionally whisky was the drink consumed at these games but nowadays spirits from distant lands are very popular.  This gentleman was well prepared  but for the sake of my photo it’s a shame he was wearing jeans and not a kilt!


The massed pipe bands  were a sight – and sound – to behold!


They did a circuit of the arena every hour and in between some of the older pipers no doubt sampled the wares in the beer tent!


Maybe the young lads above were away to sample some of Scotland’s other famous produce


The Scottish Storm Trooper was heading over that way too….


but this Pict and his good lady preferred the Links Tearoom


It wasn’t just the men who were wearing kilts, the young lassies did very well dancing the highland fling and the sword dance


The heavy events are always very popular, here’s the hammer throwing




Very spectacular however caber tossing has to be THE iconic highland games event







and with that it was time to head back to Aberdeen after a most memorable day on the southern shores of the Moray Firth.


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