The Black and White Trip: Testing the FJ Cruiser Xtreme

Writing for magazines is not going to make me rich but sometimes an opportunity comes along which sweetens the task somewhat.  A couple of months ago I was offered the chance to test drive the 2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Xtreme for Outdoor UAE – the magazine is available today from all the usual outlets and also online – and I jumped at the chance to take it for a spin in my beloved Liwa.  Here’s the first few lines to whet your appetite.



Taking it to Liwa was a tiring option – we left Al Ain at 6.15am and returned at 11.45pm, after an incredible 778kms which included over 200 0ffroad!  The extra large petrol tank on the FJ cruiser was great – I filled up at White Sands ADNOC and almost 600kms later I still had over quarter of a tank left.

The “Black and White team” comprised my fellow Eurosport Drivers from the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge – Mark and Renaud and also Renaud’s wife Siyun and my friend Aisha as passengers.  Maybe it was the coffee and a couple of hours promised in the Qasr Al Sarab hotel which persuaded them; indeed after 10 hours on the road/sand it was wonderful to arrive at this veritable oasis of luxury in the Empty Quarter.

Our route took us from near the White Sands restaurant southwards towards the Qasr; it’s a relatively easy and smooth route through a variety of terrain and you are almost guaranteed to see gazelle and oryx hereabouts.   It was a great testing ground for the FJ Xtreme which made light work of steep climbs and long slipfaces as well as being a blast to drive on the fast sections.

So, what are you waiting for?  Why not

buy the magazine – you wouldn’t believe how many outdoor activities are happening in and around the UAE; OutdoorUAE have some top people writing about sports as diverse as rock climbing to stand up paddling.  You can even read the rest of my article.

Test drive the FJ Cruiser Xtreme.

Head to Liwa for a coffee at the best 5* hotel in the desert – the Qasr Al Sarab.

Tell them I sent you!

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