2 Ramadan 1435: 30 June 2014

What is Ramadan?  It’s the 9th month of the Islamic calendar and is the holiest one.  Muslims are required to abstain from drinking, eating and smoking during the hours of daylight. They have to rise a couple of hours or so before sunrise and take Suhour which is a large breakfast and is the last food or fluids they will have until sunset. They must fast, not from sunrise but from daybreak, which is around 90 minutes before sunrise, which today is at 05:36hrs, sunset is at 19:20hrs.

Today’s picture is of an unusual mosque which is located near Khannour, in Liwa (on the road to the fish farm).


Wishing all our Muslim friends “Ramadan Kareem”.  May this Holy Month be a blessed one for you and your families.

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