27 Ramadan 1435: 25 July 2014

Here’s some vital words which pepper everyday conversation here –

Inshallah – means “God Willing,” – example: See you in the morning, Inshallah.

Alhamdilallah” – “thanks be to God” – example: How are you?  I’m fine, Alhamdilallah!

Mashallah – “Allah has blessed you” – correct and frequent use of this word is very important.  For instance, in the UAE if you compliment a neighbour on their beautiful home, a new car, or their lovely family, it is vital you follow the compliment up with “Mashallah”.  If you don’t, they may think you are jealous and begrudge them their home/car/family!

Haram – “Forbidden” – usually means by the Quran.



Today’s mosque can be found in Sayq, Jebel Akhdar, Oman.  It is either recently built or rebuilt and is a beautiful structure tucked away beside a minor road to the farms.

Wishing all our Muslim friends “Ramadan Kareem”.  May this Holy Month be a blessed one for you and your families.

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