29 Ramadan 1435: 27 July 2014

So, today is probably the last day in the month of Ramadan.  The moon sighting committee will have been out in the early hours of the morning and will hopefully have spotted the new moon; if they have they will officially call the first day of Eid to start at sunset tonight (Sunday). If they don’t spot it then the same process will be repeated tomorrow.  Government departments are closed from 27th July through to 31st of July, giving them a 9 day Eid holiday.  Private employers have to give their staff two days off; at the moment nobody is sure which days it will be, either Monday & Tuesday or Tuesday and Wednesday.

I hope my friends from around the world will have enjoyed reading these blogs, finding out a little bit more about Islam and enjoying the wonderful architecture of the mosques.  I hope that my Muslim friends have approved of me spreading a little knowledge and understanding about their faith.

I’ve done a fair bit of research for these blogs and in doing so have learned more about Islam; I also spent quite a few hours going through my UAE photo collection searching for mosque photos and whilst looking through all the albums I was reminded of many happy times I have spent with people from all over the world and from many religions – Muslims, fellow Christians and Buddhists to name just three.

So, I will conclude by wishing all my Muslim friends a blessed and joyous Eid, and for those who live in the UAE and are of other faiths, I hope you have an enjoyable couple of days off work.

Today’s mosque can be found on Jebel Akhdar.

















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  1. patou says:

    Great job Marina. I have enjoyed the blogs very much.
    Hello from somewhere in the ocean between England and Norway.
    Have a great summer.
    Have a great day
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