Introducing the Viking Explorer to “real” dune driving

It’s not often I have a free weekend, but after committing to a really big drive, then having to cancel it due to standing-by for some work, which didn’t materialise, on Friday I was left without anyone to go to the desert with (believe that if you will…..).

For many a month I have been trying to take my friends Sheelah and Orvin out to introduce them to the UAE desert proper, so a quick message at the start of the week and the plans all came together.

2015-01-09 16.53.58

We had a blast – two short dune driving sessions, a bbq, campfire and a lovely starry sky in the company of good friends, what could be better.

They rather enjoyed it too – you can read their account here. While you are on their great blog, you might like to take a moment to read about their epic overland trip from Norway to South Africa and their blog is a font of useful information. Their ebook “For the Love of Africa” will be published in 10 days time and would make a great valentine present for a keen traveller (hint, hint, dear hubby!)

If you would like a private drive with me, please get in contact on fullemptyquarter at gmail dot com to discuss.  You can also join Oasis Offroad, based in Al Ain but with drives in empty bits of desert all over the UAE!


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