UAE-Oman Border Crossings: The Lowdown

*last update 22 july 2019

Most people travelling to Oman from the UAE use a land border crossing which requires formalities at two posts – a UAE one, which will charge you 35aed to leave the country, and an Oman one, details below.

If you hold a GCC residency visa you will most probably be able to obtain a visa on arrival, however there are some exceptions, such as those with manual jobs such as labourers and carpenters, and certain nationalities (vary from time to time).  Cost is 5 OMR for up to 28 days. You might like to check out my blog – GCC Foreign Residents: Enter Oman for FIVE OMR for up to 28 days!

If you are on holiday in the UAE and wish to cross to Oman the good new is that citizens of 66 countries can obtain an Omani visa on arrival. Cost is  20 OMR or up to 30 days.

Some Oman border posts may require you to pay the fees by credit card, others will happily take cash.  Don’t be surprised to get change in AED if you pay in OMR!  Make sure you take some cash as well as a valid credit or debit card so you are not caught out.

Returning to the UAE there is no fee to be paid for residents and tourists from the 49 countries which are granted a visa on arrival.

Gwaifat  24.12696 51.61975

I shall start with the one that is least-used for expats and it does not even cross to Oman – the Gweifat/Al Bat’ha border with Saudi.  You can only enter Saudi with a pre-arranged visa – which is hard to obtain if you are a non-muslim expat.  Did you know that pre-1974 you could drive from the UAE to Qatar; the late Sheikh Zayed made a trade with Saudi which saw them give up any claims to land within the Buraymi Oasis and Al Ain, in exchange for a corridor of land between the UAE and Qatar.

If you follow the fence round the UAE until the next open border post you will travel 600kms!


Al Ain:

Mezyad-Hafeet Border 24.02230 55.84722 

Normally one of the best borders to do visa renewal trips, this is also the border of choice if you are travelling to Nizwa or central/southern Oman.  Unlike the other borders in Al Ain, the UAE and Oman border posts are very close together- only 1.3kms – and can be walked in the cooler months for those doing visa runs.

Al Ain: Khatam Al Shikla UAE Post 24.21142 55.95365 

Although popular with trucks, many cars choose this crossing as it is generally quite quiet.  This is the point you depart/arrive in the UAE, there is no Oman post immediately over the border so you need to head some 30kms to the Omani Border Post at Wadi Al Jizi to be officially stamped into Oman.

This is a throwback from the days when you could freely travel to Buraimi from Al Ain, do your shopping/visit friends and then return to the UAE, all without requiring a passport stamp.  This came to a halt in 2013 and now once you depart from the UAE you need to be stamped in and out of Oman before receiving a new entry stamp for the UAE.

Al Madheef Border 24.23184 55.7695

For GCC Nationals only – they don’t need passports to cross as their ID cards suffice.  You may find that your GPS takes you here so avoid if you are an expat.

Hili Border 24.26248 55.76648 – This will be closed to tourists and GCC residents from 1st January 2018 (also known as al sa’ara border)

Between 2007 and 2013 it was possible for UAE residents to pass through here by showing their passport, yet not having it stamped.  Sadly in July 2013 the rules were changed and now you have to park your car (easier said than done when busy, not enough parking spaces) and queue at the immigration office to obtain an exit stamp.  As with Khatam Al Shikla, you then need to travel to the Omani border post at Wadi Al Jizi (24.22423 56.16256) to be stamped into Oman.  This post can become extremely busy and personally I prefer to cross at Mezyad as it is much quieter – there even during peak times such as Eid I have managed to go through border formalities in only an hour.


Hatta/Al Wajajah 24.80672 56.20138 

The most popular crossing for Dubai residents; tourists arriving from Dubai should get a free Oman visa if they transit this point, providing they have 21 days left on their Dubai Visa (in other words, have arrived in Dubai in the last 9 days).  However I have recently heard of someone being refused this, having been told they need a “special 30 day visa”.

Note – the border posts are approximately 3kms apart.

UPDATE NOV 15 – the border “post” on the E44 is now restricted to GCC citizens.  Previously you could cross into Oman to reach the Hatta Fort Hotel and pools without getting your passport stamped but this is no longer possible.  If approaching from the south, you now have to go North on the E55, head east on the E102 before heading south to rejoin the E44 and transiting the Hatta/Al Wajajah border posts.


I have been advised that – Kalba/Katmat Milahah Border 24.98430 56.36126 is now only open to GCC citizens.

The most northerly crossing into “mainland” Oman, this entry is from the UAE emirate of Sharjah.


Dibba 25.62563 56.2707

This is not a full border post, merely a Sharjah Police post which requires non-GCC citizens to make advance arrangements to pass through.  If you are an expat you can only go through this post if you have a hotel booking for either the Golden Tulip or the Six Senses Zighy Bay, or alternatively a dhow cruise booking.  These must be booked at least 7 days in advance, along with a scanned copy of your passport so the hotel/tour operator can arrange permission to cross.


Dara/Bukha (Musandam) 26.04990 56.08761

This is the only border accepting non-GCC residents travelling to Musandam.  The UAE and Oman posts are close to each other and if you go when it is quiet you can transit quite quickly.


Taking your car.

If it is a rental, then you will need written permission from the rental company – there is likely to be a fee for this.

You must take the original registration card with you – in the past rentals would provide you with a photocopy and this would suffice, but now the rules have changed and the original card is essential.  For this reason, some rental companies are now refusing to grant permission to take their vehicles to Oman (Avis for sure, but there could be others, so please check before you book.)

If you do not own it then you should take written permission from the owner; I’ve never been asked for it (except one time I was travelling back to the UAE from Oman with my husband’s car, go figure!) but it is good to have.

Update June 2017

If your car’s mulkiya (registration card) has expired this will be picked up at the customs point before you leave the UAE and you are unlikely to be permitted to take it across the border.  To clarify, I mean the “exp. date” on the card, not the “ins. exp.” which extends one month beyond the registration date.

If your car insurance does not cover Oman, then you can purchase third party insurance for a nominal fee (currently around 100aed for up to a week’s cover) at the border – most have an insurance company based there especially for this.

What you shouldn’t carry:

  • Firearms or weapons
  • Fireworks
  • alcohol
  • pork
  • walkie talkies
  • anything that is illegal in either country
  • don’t take firewood from Oman back into the UAE.

Taking guests across

Make sure everyone has at least 6 months left in their passport and that they have a space for the Omani visa to be stamped.  If you are taking a child who is a relative but does not have the same surname as you, then it is recommended that you take written permission from their parent/guardian.

Ensure that your medical insurance covers you whilst in Oman (most do, but worth checking).

Visa Runs

Citizens of the 49 countries who are lucky enough to qualify for a tourist visa on arrival in the UAE can renew this visa by doing a “border run” every 30 days.  Apparently there are 10 days grace, ie you are allowed 40 days but I not know if this is written into the law and it could change at any time without notice. If you overstay then you will have to pay 100aed per day of overstay.  Please note that the rules for visa runs arriving by air are different, and you should check before booking your flights.

Providing you are not working, in which case your employer should provide you with a residency visa, you can do border runs indefinitely, and some do.

There are private companies including which can take you across the border for visa renewal – you can find them by doing a google search.

Alternatively, why not go to Oman for the weekend with a group of friends and get the necessary stamps then – as well as having an amazing adventure?  Don’t know where to go?  Check out my Oman Mountains and Plains and also Oman Seaside posts.


Thank you very much for reading this blogpost –  I cannot claim to be a legal expert regarding Oman Visas so if you have a specific query please contact the Omani Embassy in Abu Dhabi.  They are located in Al Mushraf Area, Al Saada Street 19, Abu Dhabi.  Their phone number is 02 4463 333.

Good luck with your trip, have a safe one, and if you have found this blogpost useful, please can you share it on social media?  Thank you!

  1. Hi Marina. Do you know if the Kalba/Katmat border is good for a visa change? It would make a nice change of scenery from the Hatta run…

    • Hi Marco
      I’ve never done this one myself but I believe it is possible to do it here, let me know how you get on if you try it please. Another option is to have a weekend in Musandam, crossing at the Dara border north of RAK. Good luck!

      • Not for me, but a friend will be the guinea-pig… i’ll let you know if there are any issues!

      • Hi. There are many borders offices . Do you know in which one the custom will not use iris scan . Thanks πŸ™‚

        • Marina Bruce says:

          What an unusual question! All UAE borders have iris scan technology available and it is up to the officer on charge which tourists are scanned. Trying to enter using a passport which is not yours could see you in jail – if that’s your intention, don’t do it!

          • Khatam al malaha closed for Non GCC nationals. Even expats with valid UAE residence are turned away and asked to cross from Hatta border

  2. Walking into and out of Buraimi from Al Ain in 1992, yeah that was nice. Tried to do it in 2007–what a let down–whole place was fenced up! Thanks for the historical background–especially Gweifat!

    • It’s even worse now – you can’t even go through the AA/Buraimi post without getting your passport stamped! Glad you found my post interesting πŸ™‚

      • Clinton says:

        Hi, i am in Dubai, sponsored by spouse. I have cancelled my visa, i am now in possession of an Entry Permit Employment , do i have to exit UAE ?

        • Marina Bruce says:

          I think it likely – as you may have read I have recently set up a freezone company and this is what I have opted to do instead of paying a 500aed fee -but check with your new sponsor. Please note I am not a UAE immigration expert! Good luck with the new job!

  3. Claire says:

    Hi do you know what hours mezyad boarder crossing is open ?

    • Hi Claire

      it’s open 24 hours a day. Tends to be really quiet very early in the morning (6am is the earliest I’ve done it)
      all the best

  4. Sathak says:

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks for this informative post.

    I am a EU national, visiting Dubai (30 days visa on arrival) and planning to do the Visa run the next week via the Dara/Al Qir border with Oman in order to extend my stay by another 30 days.

    If I understood correctly the following would be the steps:

    1. Cross U.A.E border (pay AED 35)
    2. Enter Oman (I will be able to obtain Visa on Arrival. Is this Visa free or do I have to pay additional ?)
    3. Drive back to U.A.E and get another visa on arrival for 30 days stamp (is there any restriction i.e entry & exit stamps need to have a minimum time lag etc?)
    4. I will be driving with a Dubai number plate car and in case I don’t have Oman insurance, I would need to take this at the border, correct?
    5. Do these border post have any particular timings or workings hours? I suppose they function 24/7?

    My wife is a non EU national and she has a 3 month U.A.E visit visa, would she be able to join me on the visa run and obtain a Visa on arrival in Oman as well?

    Thanks for your advice.


  5. Hi Marina,
    Im from Dubai and wand to visit the Waterfall at Wadi Madbah. Could you please give me some options on entering Oman Territory, Any coordintaes for the Border crossing etc.

    • Hi Leo
      I have not visited this wadi personally but I have heard of it and know it is near Al Ain. Check out the info on this post about the border crossings in AA – you will find co-ords listed. Hope you have a great time. Best regards, Marina

  6. Sara says:

    If I am a British passport holder with housewife residency can I pass the hatta boarder, I am traveling with my pets and I have got all the permits etc.

    • Thanks for stopping in past my blog.
      You should be fine and so long as you have all the permits etc then I would expect your pets to be ok too. The only experience I have transiting a border with pets was in Al Ain Mezyad/Hafeet.
      Hope all goes well for you.
      regards, Marina

  7. Hi Marina,

    I’m from Sri Lanka who living in Dubai with residence visa, my visa category is Sales Coordinator, you think i could get on arrival visa? as I’m planing for off road trip to Oman.



    • Hi Fernando – I think you can, but, I would recommend you check with the Oman Embassy before you head to the border. Good luck, Marina

  8. wanderlustgirl says:

    Hi Marina, thank you for this blog post! We have found it very helpful on the way to Omani border yesterday and based on your tips we switched last minute to go cross at Mezyad – Hafeet. We actually wanted to do it on foot (leaving the rental car and walking through the posts), but it looked so pedestrian-unfriendly we decided to get back in the car. You wrote one can do it on foot but I saw no separate path for the pedestrians or anything… Either way, very informative and thumbs up for the coordinates!

  9. Hi, I’m after some advice. I will be doing visa runs from Abu Dhabi. What is the most shortest and less time consuming run to do?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Hi John
      shortest and least time consuming will be via Mezyad/Hafeet in Al Ain. Try to avoid peak times – if you are doing this at a weekend normally a Friday morning is quite quiet.
      Good luck, all the best, Marina

    • admin says:

      Hi Johannes
      thanks for reading my blog.
      My preferred border crossing is Mezyad/Hafeet, and from there I drive to Muscat via Nizwa. this route is about an hour longer than the alternative via Sohar but the scenery is sublime!
      Regards the delays – this is for Oman Expats on Residency/Tourist visas who wish to enter the UAE – they have to fill out a form and have it approved by a UAE police officer on duty at the border. So it shouldn’t make any impact on UAE residents who are transitting the border.
      Let me know how you get on – I won’t be across to Oman for about a month, and it is always useful to have info from recent visitors.
      all the best

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks for the link Rajesh. There is a different procedure for Oman Expat Residents who are crossing over to the UAE – those arriving at land borders have to fill in a form which must then be approved by the duty policeman. Hopefully sometime soon they will extend the online UAE entry permit to those driving as opposed to flying into the UAE (see article link).

  10. Louise says:

    As someone new to the UAE and about to drive AD to Nizwa I found your blog so helpful. Thank you. Wish us luck with our drive. Ha ha.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog Louise – have a great time in Oman!

  11. Sylvie says:

    Good evening,
    I am going on the 25th July to Jabal Al Akhdar from Dubai.
    I will go through Al Ain Border.
    I will be driving my son 4×4 (as I only have a sedan car)
    Could I have problem at the Al Ain Border? And same pb at the Check Point of Birkat Al Mouz?
    Thanks for your comments

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Syl – thanks for stopping by my blog. Regarding your son’s car – firstly, it is good practise to have his written permission with you to drive it. Do you have the same family name? I have the same family name as my husband and have frequently taken his car over the border without him being there. I only once got asked why I was driving it – when I was taking it BACK over the border to the UAE! What nationality are you? There is no doubt that “western” expats have an easier time when dealing with authorities in Oman! I don’t anticipate a problem with the checkpoint at the foot of Jebel Akhdar, the policeman there only wants to see if you have a driving licence! Wishing you a great trip up Jebel Akhdar, going there myself on 6th August!

  12. Sharon says:

    Hi. I am Sharon , Filipino Nationality. I am planning to visit Oman for tourist purposes for this coming October.
    Knowing that there is specific profession to get visa on arrival. On my case that I my profession is Assistant Accountant which is not belong to Profession lists, It is possible with me to get an Oman visa even without a relative in Oman?
    What are the requirements I need to prepare to apply visa in embassy?

    Looking forward for your response.

    Thank you very much.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Sharon
      thanks for stopping by my blog. I am not sure if you would get a visa on arrival in Oman – the best thing to do is to contact the Oman Embassy nearest your current location. There are many rules in place and it would be best for you to receive expert advice from them. Good luck

  13. Sylvie says:

    Dear Marina
    Thank you very much for your reply..
    I browsed your blog and it is sO interesting..Lots of informations and very friendly.
    You mentionned that I just need a letter from my son..On a blank page? that would be enough..? with an attached passport copy and visa maybe..? We are French (thats the reason for my spelling mistakes..Sorry..!)
    Thanks again for the advises

  14. Faye says:

    Hi Marina,

    Thanks for your blog! Great information!
    I’m a british citizen. I’m renting a car with Budget in Dubai from next week (which includes the Oman insurance). I’ll be travelling to Musandam peninsula and doing the dhow cruise. and I’d like to know if booking a hotel in Khasab is required before crossing the border?
    Also wanted to point out that I’m a women and I’ll be travelling by myself. People recommended camping at Khasab beach. Is it a safe place to camp? Would you recommend this too?

    Thank you for your advises!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Faye

      thanks for stopping by my blog. I will email you a reply – please check your inbox in 5 minutes (and your spam folder if you don’t receive it)

      all the best

  15. dinesh says:

    Hi I am Dinesh ..I am planning to visit Khasab next weekend by road and my car is auto finance. Does UAE post ask NOC if personal car is on loan?? Please revert

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Dinesh – it is a while since we have had a car on a loan but we were never asked. Crossing to Khasab, it’s not like you can take it beyond Oman! Good luck!

  16. Hi Marina,

    hoping you can help me!

    A friend and I have made a hotel reservation in Khasab but are now worried about to get there. We have a rental car but would happily hire a driver. I keep googling all different things and now pretty confused! What is the best way for us to get there? Thanks!!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Elly
      It is an easy and very beautiful drive to Khasab. Contact your rental company to tell them you want to take your car to Mussandam. They should allow this and will give you the necessary paperwork – they will charge for this. Another option would be to see if your hotel has a shuttle service from Dubai? Good luck, please let me know how you get on!

      • Thanks Marina. If we are driving, is it the Al Dhara border that we should head for?


        • Marina Bruce says:

          Definitely – it’s the only option for expats to travel to Khasab. Have a great time!

  17. ADAM UMAR TOUFIQ says:

    I am planning to visit Muscat on eid holidays by road and my car is mortgaged by bank(personal), so I need NOC letter from bank to cross boarder ?
    Awaiting your reply …
    Thanks !!!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      This used to be the case but certainly for the last couple of years it would appear that nobody has been asked. It’s been four years since we have had a mortgaged car and even then we crossed the border regularly without an NOC. Please note I am not an expert on the legalities and procedures on border crossings. Could you enquire with your bank? Good luck, enjoy your trip.

    • Hassan says:

      Hi Adam,

      I am also planning to visit Muscat . My car is also having loan from bank.
      did you find any answer from anywere??

      Please let me know.


      • ADA M UMAR says:


        • Marina Bruce says:

          I think you have at least a 75% chance of success. Remember to smile at the officers and wish them Eid Mubarak!

          Good luck, have a great time

          • ADA M UMAR says:


        • Hassan says:

          when are you planning to go. Am going on Thursday.. Good luck..
          Let me know what happens if you go before me.

        • Lesley says:

          Im also going to Oman this week and wanted to take our vehicle which is still on finance through the bank. I think the problem is not whether the NOC will be checked at the border as it seems the seldom do, but more about getting “permission” from the bank to take the car out the country.
          Eventhough we have full insurance cover for the Uae and Oman, our bank stated we had to literally pay them thr outstanding loan amount to them, they will then give a NOC, and only our return will they release the money back to you….and continue the loan. They hold the money as a security. Because we dont have that amount of money for them to temporary hold, im taking my older paid off vehicle!
          I dont know the consequences if you take it out the country without the bank knowing. I guess they wont know you gone unless something happens to the vehicle.
          Also it depends on your bank rules. The procedure dont make sense as we have full insurance cover for Oman but gues the bank wants added security for the money

          • Lesley says:

            Finance is through Nbad and we barely owe much on it as we put a downpayment of 90% on the vehicle. A 2016, fully insured comprehensively as well. We were advised this last week, from the dealer we bought i through, then contacted the bank who confirmed it is correct that they will hold that money as a security until we return.
            Im curious to know what will happen if you dont tell them but i didnt bother to ask. We just opting to use our other vehicle for now.

          • Marina Bruce says:

            NBAD financed our FJ which we took in and out of Oman regularly between 2009 and 2013 (including me on my own with it – my hubby was owner and mortgage holder). We did not even think of telling the bank and although we always offer our registration card at the border then nobody picked up that it was mortgaged!

            Have a lovely break in Oman πŸ™‚

  18. Ahamed Jameel says:

    Hai Marina,

    I am planning for Salalah from Abu Dubai, Could you please suggest for easiest Border Crossing (I hope Mezyad-Hafeet Border and i crossed same in Dec 15).
    Now There is lot of unclear statement that Only Sharjha -Kalpa border for UAE residents, other border for GCC natational.
    Please advice


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Jameel

      I would recommend the Mezyad/Hafeet crossing for anyone heading to Salalah from the UAE. Please allow plenty of time for crossing as it will be very busy.

      Have a great time, stay safe!


      • Hassan says:

        Hi Marina,

        Please suggest a border to go to muscut. can i go via khatam al shukla border.?


        • Marina Bruce says:

          Yes you can – leave the uae at Khatam Al Shikla, then enter Oman at Wadi Jizzi.

          Good luck, safe trip.

  19. Lesley says:

    Thanks for the informative insight into the border crossing.
    I will be driving from Abu Dhabi to Muscat. My husbands vehicle is a older model vehicle (2007) with no insurance. Can we purchase insurance at the border for an older vehicle and is the insurance offices open on holidays. We wil be travelling Wednesday morning, during Eid.
    Thank you

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Lesley
      I think by “no insurance” you mean that it does not have Oman Insurance although it is covered for the UAE? Yes you can buy insurance for any age of car at the border (have done it for a 13 year old car) and the insurance office was certainly open at Mezyad/Hafeet during last year’s Eid Al Ahda. Have a great trip!

      • Lesley says:

        Thanks for the reply. He recently bought the vehicle and hasnt insured it as yet. Most companys dont want to insure it because its older than 5yrs! Will this be a problem?
        Lastly, excuse my confusion. We going Abu Dhabi to Muscat visa Sohar. Is the Meyzad border the same border as Buraimi. Google takes us via the Buraimi border.

        • Lesley says:

          Sorry i meant we dont have comprehensive insurance cover (3rd party only)

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi Lesley

          third party insurance is fine from a legal point of view. When it comes to renewal time can I suggest you have a look at my blogpost on insurance for some hints and tips? BTW our Prado 2007 is insured fully comprehensive, including Oman cover, with RSA – we got this, as with the rest of our car insurances with Guardian Insurance Brokers in Abu Dhabi.

          Mezyad is not the same as Buraimi – there are three borders which take you into Buraimi, none is called that name. You should go to the Hili Border to check out of the UAE then drive to the Oman border at Wadi Jizzi to get stamped into Oman. Your car will not be insured for this 40km journey so go carefully!

          Do you have to go via Sohar? Have you considered goingvia Nizwa (Mezyad border post) and come back via Sohar, you will see so much and you can get your car insured as soon as you leave the UAE.

          All the best

          • Lesley says:

            Will definitly look into the insurance for sure, thanks for that. We opting to go via Sohar as it seems like its about 100kms less than going via Nizwa. We off to the Intercontinental hotel this wednesday morning. Just concerned about the congestion. If Nizwa is quieter it will make sense to go that way. I think the name “Buraimi” was used instead of Hili as they not far from each other. An agent refers to it as a the “Buraimi” border. Thats where the confusion came in i guess.

          • Marina Bruce says:

            Hi Lesley

            Buraimi is the name of the city across the border from Al Ain and I suppose the Hili one is the best used one over to Buraimi. I think all roads will be really busy over Eid, so please go carefully. If I were crossing the border this week then I would opt to go via Mezyad as there is somewhere to park your car and people seem to be processed faster there – hope to get through in 1-2 hours but be prepared to endure a wait for 3-4. I believe that Oman has called Eid one day later so you won’t be able to sip water in the border building. The first town you will come to from Mezyad is Ibri – and it has a nice fort, an abandoned village and an oasis area – and it is worth stopping in. Nizwa used to be the ancient capital of Oman and it too is worth a look. There were major roadworks on the Muscat-Sohar road (would love an update on your return if you had the time) and similarly some on the Ibri-Nizwa stretch of road, although these were quite advanced when I last traveled there a year ago.
            Take care, stay safe and have a wonderful time!

  20. Hassan says:

    Hi Marina,
    Could you post the GPS cordinates of Mezyad border post please. Am not able to locate it in google map.


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Hassan

      the GPS co-ordinates of Hafeet-Mezyad and all other crossing points are listed on the blog. Copy and paste them into google maps and you should be fine. Thank you, Marina

  21. Asif Mahamood says:

    Dear Marina,
    Is there any recent developments banning expats crossing through the three border posts in Al Ain? There are lot of confusions after seeing this post in GulfNews:
    Avoid Al Madheef checkpoint (Al Ain/Buraimi border) as well as Al Hili border as these are only open to GCC nationals, while the Dibba police post requires expats to have a hotel booking for the Golden Tulip hotel or the Six Senses Zighy Bay or a dhow cruise booking to pass through.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Asif

      The Madheef border has always been for GCC Nationals only.
      As far as I know the Hili border is still a crossing point for residents and tourists – although I have not crossed it myself since Dec 2014. You need to travel to the border post to Wadi Jizzi to get stamped in/out of Oman.

      Please let me know how you get on.

      • Asif says:

        Thank you Marina.
        I was copying the coordinates of border posts to my GPS and noticed that Kalba/Katmat Milahah Border mentioned on your post is having an extra digit. I guess it is N24 59.056 E56 21.674?

        • Marina Bruce says:

          well spotted – thank you I’ve updated it now. Have a great Eid πŸ™‚

      • Lesley says:

        Hi Marina
        Just an update. I suppose to travel to Muscat tomorrow but did so today. As far as the roadworks are concerned, i can see they were busy at some stage but seems almost done. And its nothing hectic ( a few roads here and there). The roads were very empty and no people were doing the roadworks although their equipment was there.
        I came through the Khatam al Shikla border. It was extremly quiet with 1 car in front of us so we passed through in minutes. Thereafter We drove for about 30mins then reached the Oman Wadi border. It was also very quite. We parked our car and got our visas inside the building, as well as buying the insurance for the car. We were there for about 20minutes tops. Nobody even asked for the insurance papers. On leaving the border, the police glanced in our boot and we were off. Everyone was so friendly as well!
        After that we drove through the Oman border, and about 15minutes later, there was 2 police randomly pulling cars over asking to see our insurance and registration card.
        All in all, from leaving Abu Dhabi at 14h30, to arriving in Muscat, it took 5h30mins, including stopping once to fill gas.
        Thanks for all your info and guidance….sorry for the long update. Hoping it helps someone

        • Hassan says:

          Hi Lesley,

          Thanks for the update. Hope that they didn’t ask for NOC for your car.
          Have a wonderful Trip


          • Lesley says:

            Thanks so much. No they didnt ask for an NOC and i didnt need one as i took my older vehicle. At the border all they asked or was the registration card….thats it.

    • Hassan says:

      Hi Marina / Lesley,

      Just an update , I was able to cross the border with my car which is having loan. Nobody asked NOC. Crossing the border (khatam al shukla border)was very smooth and it took only 30 mins for all formalities. It was a nice trip.

      Thank you,


  22. Munir says:

    Hi Marina,
    Are they strict about 6 months validity left on the passport? I have 2 months left. However, my residence visa is valid for more than a year.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Munir
      sorry for late reply – just picked this up now. I think it depends on your nationality, however your best bet would be to ask the Embassy as it MAY let you away with this since you are a resident.
      Good luck

  23. Mohamed says:

    Thank you very much Marina. Your review and information are accurate and vey helpful to me and I have followed yr advice literally to the point.
    I did my via run today with my family thru Mezyad border. It was easy and smooth.
    For those driving rental cars, you will need a permission from your rental, this is important. I was asked for it but talked myself out of it.
    Thanks a lot, much appreciated.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Mohamed
      glad my blogpost was of help. Yes it is very important to get permission from your rental company. However, if you are just doing a visa run you can park your car at the UAE border and hitch a ride through to the Oman post and back (we have never done this but we have given lifts before!)!
      Best wishes

  24. Muhammmad Dawood jan says:

    Dear ,,
    i want to visit oman al buraymi for 3 days on this coming sunday are monday ..
    can i enter from al buraimy boredr al hilli..can i enter by walk ?? are by rental car?are oman taxi visa is etisalat technician….
    are which border i can enter which is near to al buraimy hote??
    please inform me its too urget.

  25. Muhammmad Dawood jan says:

    Dear marina..

    as i mentioned to go oman al buraimy hotel ,,for 3 days i have some personal work and may b i visit to sohar also visa is profisonal ,,so can enter from hilli border and can get oman visa there ?? are need any other near boder..,,so i can go by oman taxi are by walk from uae border??

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Muhammmad
      I am sorry but I only picked your message up now.
      Yes you can enter Hili border if you are a UAE resident – but you will need to travel 40kms to the Omani border post atwadi Al Jizzi to get stamped in and out of Oman. You will need to get a bus or taxi there. The Hili border takes you right into Buraimi and you should be able to get taxis there. Have a nice trip!

  26. Katos says:

    Hi Marina,

    I am a British national. My residency has been cancelled and after a month at home, I have re-entered the country on a visit visa. I own a car that is registered in my name. I have an initial offer of employment from a new employer, but nothing official yet. If I cross the Omani border in my car to visit a friend in Oman, is it possible that I will get in trouble for owning a car and not being a resident?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Katos
      I have a friend who has done this a number of times and had no problem. Just so long and the car is registered and insured and you have a UAE DL then you should be ok. Kind regards, marina

      • Thanks Marina.
        I am British , in Abu Dhabi having visit visa on arrival. Can I use my father’s car to do visa run ? My father is resident in UAE, owns a car and insured in this name. I have authority letter from my father for driving his car.
        I do have UK license as well as UAE license (from my previous UAE residency).


        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hello AQ
          I think you should be ok, especially since you hold a UAE DL, but I recommend you check with your father’s insurance company, just in case.

  27. What is the best route to go to Muscat from Dubai by road I am an Indian with a UAE resident high position visa however my wife is on my daughters sponsorship resident visa . Will she have an issue as regards the visa . The exit fees is 35 Aed from UAE and the entry fees for a weeks visa is how much. Please advice

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Hash

      The best route? Depends on the criteria – if you are looking for the fastest route then perhaps some Dubai residents may be able to tell you – if it is scenic then I would head for Khor Kalba and follow the coast down, or head to Al Ain and go via Nizwa for awesome mountain views. Regarding your wife’s visa, please contact the Oman Embassy for guidance – I cannot claim to be an expert on this and would hate to give you wrong advice. You correctly read in my blog that the exit fee is 35aed and a visa to get into Oman for up to 10 days is 5 OMR. Have a great trip!

  28. Ayyappan says:

    Dear marina..

    as i mentioned to go oman al dibba by my car .i have some personal work and may b i visit dibba border visa is supervisor ,,so can enter from dibba border and can get oman visa there ??

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Ayyappan
      Please note that the Dibba border is not a land border with Oman – it is a police post operated by Sharjah Police. To cross it you will need a hotel or dhow cruise reservation or alternatively maybe an invitation from a local? I suggest you contact Sharjah Police to clarify. Hope all goes well with your trip! Good luck, Marina

  29. SHAJI AHMED KHAN says:

    Hello I am an Indian national risiding in UAE, I would be travelling to Oman with my family, My designation is Business Dev Manager. My wife and children’s passport had a validity till 2013 but got it extended till 2017 which was done by manually by stamping on the 3rd page of passport by Indian consulate in Dubai.
    Will there be any problem of Visa on arrival at Oman border. We are travelling by road to Salalah (Oman) also have hotel bookings.
    please if you can guide me my email

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Shaji
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. I would advise you to contact the Oman Embassy for guidance as I am sorry but I am not an expert in such things. There might be a complication so it might be a good idea to get a visa in advance, just in case. Have a lovely time in Salalah – have you seen my blog series of places to go and things to do? Safe trip~ Regards, Marina

  30. HI!!!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      I am sorry but I am not an expert in immigration matters so I recommend you contact the Omani Embassy in Abu Dhabi – address and phone number at the foot of the blog.

      Good luck with your trip, Marina

  31. Hi marina…amazing blog! So informative. Could you please let me know what the road is like between mezyad border and nizwa? I will be driving and although I am confident and drive all over the place…i do prefer and feel safer when traffic is only one way…but I heard it is 2 way single lane traffic…which puts me off. Also.. We will be coming back from muscat via sohar as I have already booked a night in a hotel there…so would I still be able to cross the mezyad border on that route? Many thanks for your help 😊

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Lisa and thanks for stopping by my blog.
      The road between Mezyad and Nizwa is mainly dual carriageway – they have been working on the road for years now. Between Ibri and Mezyad, dual carriageway all the way. I haven’t been to Nizwa since last year and at that time more than half was dual carriageway but I would guess than 75% would be complete now. For your return you will be passing through the Wadi Al Jizzi post and I would imagine they could want to stamp you out of Oman there so it would be most logical to use Khatim Al Shikla or Hili UAE post to return to the UAE. If they let you through there without stamping you then according to Google Earth you can skirt round Buraimi to let you enter the UAE at Mezyad. Let me know how you get on!

  32. Thanks for the excellent and informative post!

    I’m newly expatriated to Abu Dhabi and my little family and I will be doing the visa run in a couple of weeks on the long weekend. We have an impatient toddler on board so have thought about going to Al Ain and staying there a night or 2 and zipping over the border at some point but do you have any recommendations for staying overnight in Oman not too far from the border? I briefly browsed Sohar but wondering if you have any recommendations.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Jay

      I recommend you use the Mezyad/Hafeet border – the UAE and Oman posts are close together and this is normally the quickest/easiest border to cross. I would head to Nizwa, the ancient capital of Oman, and if you have a 4WD car and your toddler has enough patience, I would then drive up to Jebel Akhdar to enjoy some really cool temperatures (like 20C cooler than Al Ain!) – I have a few blogs about it including accommodation. Nizwa itself is nice with an old market and fort and there are a few hotels there – although I have not stayed in any for a few years. Sohar is likely to be quite humid for a few more weeks so if I were going I would leave that til October. My biggest recommendation is to avoid going over the border on Friday 9th (Eid weekend, first day) as there is normally chaos at all Oman border posts on the first day of the holiday. Have a great time!

  33. Chandana says:

    Hi Marina/Lesley,
    This is Chandana. Me and my husband are working in abu dhabi. We are planning to go to Muscat by bus in these Eid Holidays. My husband is having Civil Engineer Visa and I’m having Secretary Visa. Are we eligible for on arrival visa at the border. Are should we need to get visa stamping at the Embassy. Please help me…

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Chandana
      sorry for late reply – just found your comment. I am afraid I cannot claim to be an expert in the legalities of border crossings, so I recommend you contact the Oman Embassy for clarification. Wishing you a great trip.

  34. Hi marina,

    I am rahul. working in UAE under site supervisor visa. Am i eligible to cross oman UAE alain border?
    Is there any issue with profession?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Rahul. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am afraid I am not a legal expert on borders here and suggest you contact the Oman Embassy for clarification. Their number is at the foot of this blogpost.
      good luck!

  35. Alberto says:

    Hi Marina,

    we are going to Muscat for the Eid and we heard terrific stories about being stuck in the Hatta border for 5 hours, even if leaving Dubai at mid-night. Any clue about this or any alternative route? thanks much and congrats for the great blog!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Alberto – you are right, crossing borders at public holidays can be a bit of a nightmare. If it were me, and there is no guarantee this is quicker, I would be going through the Hafeet/Mezyad border and travel to Muscat via the ancient town of Nizwa. After Ibri there are some roadworks but they get less every time I travel. Last Eid I arrived at that border at around 4.45am and was through in just over an hour. Other friends arrived 10 minutes later and they took over 2.5 hours.
      Good luck with whatever you decide!
      all the best

  36. Zoher Khambati says:

    Hello Marina, nice blog and very detailed information.
    Well we friends, group of 12-14 people are heading to Jabal Shams during
    this Eid Holidays (10th – 14th Sept.).
    By your past experience and knowledge, would you suggest the border
    that we can cross over in order to reach Jabal Shams.
    We are all Indians and holding UAE residence visa.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Zoher. K.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Zoher. Thank you for stopping by my blog. The border I would recommend is Mezyad/Hafeet – but bear in mind all borders will be extra busy over Eid. I think you will be granted a visa on arrival since you are UAE residents but it may be worth checking with the Oman Embassy to be 100% sure. Have a great time!

  37. Pleas give me advise for oman shipment we are send the materials , the border crossing the last day for this Eid ul adha 2016

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thank you for getting in touch. Unfortunately I am not able to help with this, suggest you contact Oman Police Custom Department.

  38. HAJI MUHAMMAD says:


    I am having Dubai partner visa which is valid until December 2017 and I would like to travel with my family to oman through Jebel Hafeet border but my wife visa is expiring 30 September 2016 which means it is valid only for 18 days, can I my family travel along with me. Thanking you in advance

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Haji and thank you for checking out my blog. Unfortunately I am not an expert in such matters so can I recommend that you check with the Oman Embassy? Good luck and hope your family can join you for your trip!

  39. Hi
    I am planning to visit sohar tomorrow night taking my friend car with original mulkiya and noc duley signed by him and his passport copy with visa page
    Is it okay
    Please advise

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Salim and thank you for stopping by my blog. I am sorry I am not an expert in these matters so the best thing to do is to contact the Oman Embassy (though they are closed for Eid) or take your chances. Good luck, will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  40. Karolina says:

    Hi ,
    I’m on visit visa in Rak at the moment and in a process of doing residency visa for me and my son under my husband’s sponsorship. We need to get the entry permit and change the status of the visa. We decided it’d be cheaper to go across the border to do so. Could you advise as to which border crossing would be suitable to do so?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Karolina

      you are right it is cheaper – I believe that any border will do – you need to exit the UAE which will cancel your UAE visit visa, get stamped in and out of Oman, then when you return to the UAE your status will be updated. Same same once residency stamped and you need to further update your status. Good luck, Marina

  41. Wea Bares says:

    Hello. Do I need to get separate entry permit or visa to visit Muscat? I already have an entry permit stamp from Al Wajaja border for 30 days. I am currently in Al Buraimi. I tried to reach my travel agent and the Oman authorities but since its already weeked, no reply. I really want to visit Muscat this weekend then take the bus going to Dubai since my UAE Entry Permit for employment has been released. Thank you in advance.

    • Wea Bares says:

      Hello again. I didn’t go to Muscat and decided to just go back to UAE. I returned yesterday through Hafeet-Mezyad borders via taxi! Alone! I felt like I was on a great adventure. Few cars on the roads, at times were almost alone. Great view of the mountains and desert! The Omani taxi driver was so kind and helpful, even went with me inside the immigration offices to see if I need help talking arabic, went as far as Al Ain Bus Station for a mere 150 Dhs.! Whole trip including immigration processes only took 3 hours 20 minutes from Al Buraimi, Oman to Al Ain Bus Station, UAE via the above mentioned borders. Happy expat here!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Wea
      sorry I could not reply to this in time – I was on my way to the Rub Al Khali! Glad you got everything sorted out ok and had a good experience! Kind regards, M

  42. hi. i’m filipina and planning to fetch someone from buraimi hotel because there won’t be any bus returning to dubai on fridays and saturdays. what is the best option for me? really need your help. thanks

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello I am very sorry but I am not an expert on visa procedures. The best thing for you to do is to contact the Omani embassy in the UAE and they should be able to advise. Good luck!

  43. Hi, I am Canadian national and arrived UAE on arrival visa, which is expiring in 10 days, Could you please advise me the best nearest border to “in and out” from Dubai, so i can come back on arrival visa as well.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello ABM
      Hatta – make sure you drive the long way round (see note in blog)
      Dara – to the North of Ras Al Khaima
      Mezyad/Hafeet in Al Ain – possibly quicker than Hatta these days

      good luck

  44. Hello,
    Has any one gone to Oman recently through Hatta border driving their own car. Were you asked for a trip ticket.
    I heard of a new policy where a trip ticket from automobile association is required to drive your car to Oman. Want to know if this is true.


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Naz
      thanks for stopping by my blog.

      Your query is a new one on me. I had a party of 12 cars which crossed at the Mezyad/Hafeet border post on 30th September and none of us needed this. Where did you hear about the trip ticket?

      regards Marina

      • Hi Marina,

        A friend of mine contacted RTA Dubai and was advised of this and then i called them as well to verify. I was advised by their call centre that i needed to get a tourism certificate from RTA Dubai. Then take this tourism certificate to Automobile Association to get a trip ticket. I am not sure though to which borders this is applicable.


        • Marina Bruce says:

          Thanks for the update Naz. Maybe this is just for Dubai borders with Oman? If it is true, then adding an extra layer of paperwork for those wishing to travel to Oman will reduce the numbers of travellers there – the effect on Omani tourism will be instant and severe, and I am sure it will make all the papers! I will keep digging and see what else I can find out.

          all the best

          • Dear Marina
            I called RTA today and they told me I need a Tourism Cerfiticate, in other words `Carnet de Passage` (CPD) from Touring Club in Mamzar, Dubai. They said it is in effect for the last 45 days. Tomorrow we want to travel to Musandam and I do not want any problems. Can anyone be of quick help? Anyone has crossed the Khassab/UAE border in the last few weeks?

          • Marina Bruce says:

            Hello Bertan – sorry I am just back from the DOAS so didn’t pick this up in time. I know lots of people who regularly cross the border into Oman and not one has mentioned a requirement for this, and I am sure they would. We are off to Oman on Wednesday (via Al Ain) so will try this for ourselves and let you know.

        • Hello Naz, did you or your friend manage to get through the border without tourism certificate? Can you please share your experience, I am planning to cross tomorrow.

          • Hello Bertan,
            Sorry was not able to reply earlier, but i did make a trip to Oman thru the Hatta border, and they dint ask for anything about the car. I went thru without any issues. Not too sure about the Khasab border. Did you go, and were you able to cross

  45. Marianna says:

    Hello, great post! I just have a quick question you may be able to help me with: I have an Italian passport and my employment visa was just cancelled so I am now on my 30 days cancellation period to change status or leave. I’m planning to do a visa run to Musandam (Al Dara border) so I can get a 90 days tourist visa when I come back in the UAE. Can me and my friend (with UAE employment visa) simply cross the border and come back in the UAE or, as some told us, do we need to book a hotel in Musandam and get the hotel to make us a visa?

    Many thanks!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Marianna
      thanks for stopping by my blog. You do not need a hotel booking for your planned border crossing on the east side of Mussandam (Ras Al Khaimah/Dara crossing) so you can go in and out there. (It is worth a quick look up the road at the first beach which has loads of awesome shells, and there is also a village with a fort quite close). You cannot do a border run on the Dibba side – the Sharjah police check your passport but do not stamp it, and there is no Omani border post there).
      Good luck!

  46. hi marina,
    is it possible to do the visa run if my cousin will change visa status from tourist visa to employment visa? also, i am planning to accompany her via our own car. do we need to get an oman visa for this? we re filipinos, btw.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello good morning and sorry for delay in replying. I am afraid I do not know the answer to your question – please contact the UAE and Oman Embassies for guidance, they will keep you right. Good luck and hope everything goes well.

      • thanks for the reply Marina. we went to Mezyad border, they did not allow us to do the visa run without an oman visa. sadly, there is a nationality issue. i just booked an air ticket to do the visa change.

  47. Dear Marina,

    Thank you for your interesting and helpful blog. But i have few questions if you could help me out. Currently i am working in Ras Al Khaimah and my position is “Sales” on my visa and it doesnt say anything else but just sales however i am working as a sales lady. Do you think i can still get a visa on arrival? And my second question is which is the shorter and best way/border to go to Muscat from RAK? I am a Nepalese citizen. My other question is i dont have a car. Do you think i can rent a car or is there anything like buses?
    Thanks a lot

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Daya

      Regarding your visa on arrival – please check with the Oman immigration department (contact details on blog post). Shortest way to Muscat from RAK I believe would be via the Khor Kalba border. Perhaps there is a bus service from the border? Good luck!

  48. Hi
    My name is sunil , Indian passport holder.
    I planning to drive to muscat from abudhabi .
    I am holding UAE and Oman Visa.
    The car is not under my name ,do I need to take any letter(NOC) from the owner (my brother in law)
    Do I need to take any kind of letter from RTA or Vehicle authority (Car is Abu Dhabi registration ) to cross the border
    Which route is best and easy from Abu Dhabi

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Sunil and good morning. Sorry for the late reply. You should take a letter from the car’s owner. You do not need any kind of letter from RTA or Vehicle Authority to cross the border, however if there is a loan on it you should (but most people do not) have a NOC from them.

      Good luck!

  49. daniele says:

    Dear All. On December 7th i will go from Abu Dhabi Airport to Nizwa with a rented car. I will cross the border about 11 pm. Will be the Mezyad-Hafeet border open in the night? Will they sell me the insurance for the car? How much is it (4 days only) thanks!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Daniele
      just back in from the desert -sorry I missed your message! Hope you got on ok!

  50. Dear Marina,

    Thank you for your interesting blog!

    We would like to cross to Oman by Mazyad border with a rented car. “Autorent-me” offers us a reasonable price with extra insurance for Oman.

    We are from EU (Spain), it shouldn`t be any problem to cross the border?

    Do you know if the border post closes at night? How can we know the opening and closing times? Actually we planned to cross to Oman just the night from December 31 to January 1st…!


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Albert
      thanks for stopping by
      Check that your rental company gives you permission to take the vehicle to Oman.
      No problem for EU citizens to get visas on arrival.
      Borders open 24/7
      wishing you a lovely time

  51. Hi Marina

    Did visa run in November in my hire car, insurance cost a lot and no one asked to see it, I didn’t go any further than the border crossing, I’m wondering if I need the insurance if I’m not going into Oman?
    Planning to go to the border through RAK.


  52. Hi, we are renting a car from Hertz Dubai in December, first drive to Abu Dhabi, and would like to cross the border to Oman in Al Ain. Hertz is now informing us that we can get the insurance from them, but we should not cross in Al Ain, but preferably Hatta and we should even have our hotel in Oman meet us at the border to assist us. This all sounds very complicated and I wonder if anyone else has had troubles lately with crossing in Al Ain with a Hertz rental. Also, we will drive back using another border (probably Hatta then), will this be a problem as well, not entering and departing from the same border?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Lisa
      there seems to be something going on with the hired cars – a few people are reporting some companies are refusing to give permission to cross. I will post this on my fb page and see if we get any feedback – please check there for updates please

      • Will do, thank you. The messages are very mixed. Hertz confirmed we will get letter of no concern and official registration documents, but they can’t give guarantees. The say the Omani government changed legislation.

      • Christopher says:

        Hi Guys,

        Any update on the car rental situation? I rented a car from Hertz through Expedia last night for March 2017 and they said Oman was allowed in the fine print. Then when I received the reservation confirmation in my email it said something about Oman Legislation no longer allowing them to provide Oman insurance. However it does not say we cant take the car to Oman, so as long as the borders still offer the Oman Insurance I guess we can buy it at the border?

        • Hertz will not allow you to take their cars into Oman. We rented a car through Dollar rent a car in Dubai and had no problems crossing the border.

          • Thank you! Did you get tour dollar rental from the airport? Which day did you travel?

          • Yes, rented it at the airport, you can check on their website to see at which terminal they are open 24/7.

  53. Dear All,
    I traveled by road to Muscat from Abu Dhabi (Abu Dhabi – Al Ain-Khatm Al Shakla-Wadi Al Jizzi-Sohar-Muscut) this Tuesday and came back today afternoon. I had lot of questions / confusions before venturing out due to the 4 border points in Al Ain and which one to use. I am an expat living in UAE . I used Khatm Al Shakla Border both ways and it was really easy. On the way out/way in we didn’t get out of the car on UAE side. On the other hand we had to park the car and go into the building to get the visa/entry/exit stamps on Oman side. Officials are very friendly on both sides.
    There are lot of discussions regarding the bank letter requirement if your car is mortgaged. Mine was mortgaged and was not carrying the letter from bank. No one asked me the letter on both sides. Insurance is a must

    When you are coming back, if you have to use the same border for UAE entry after Mahadha Hotel be on your right and enter into the round about rather than continuing on the Buraimi highway(over bridge).

    Thanks everyone for all the posts and thought I will post my experience.

  54. Udit sathaye says:

    Hey, they’s an informative blog post.

    I am a resident of UAE.
    I wanted to know from which check post can I enter without having to show my passport, but just using my Emirates ID? and posting the necessary fees.


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Udit
      sorry for delay in replying – my host does not seem to be notifying me of comments. As a UAE resident, not a national, you need your passport to cross to Oman, regardless of which post. The fees are 35aed to leave uae and 5 OMR to enter Oman. Regards, Marina

  55. Darshan says:


    I am planning to go Oman in coming Week and don’t have an Oman Insurance for my Car, although i checked with Insurance Company for the getting the same but was informed that it is now done only at the Border and not locally in UAE. So, my question is, will i get the Oman Insurance at the Visa receiving Office as My time of travel will be early Morning 3.00 am?? Or is there any specific office hours for the Insurance firm??
    Await your valuable info. Thanks

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Darshan
      I believe the insurance office at the border post is open 24/7. I have been there at 5am before and it was open. Good luck! M

      • daniele vasconi says:

        i went to the border in al ain at 1 am. office was open

  56. We intend to vist Al AΓ―n, as a daytrip from Dubai, and continue to Buraimi (short visit). The idea is to go to Al AΓ―n by rental car.
    Do you know rental companies allowing to go with the car into Oman? If so, any idea about the price. Alternatively, is it perhaps possible to leave the car at al AΓ―n and go by taxi to Buraimi? Do you have other suggestions for this visit?
    Thanks for a reply and best regards.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Marc
      Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am curious about why you want to go to Buraimi for a short visit?

      Dollar rent a car allows their cars through the border but you have to pay a premium for this.

      To cross via taxi you need to get a uae taxi to the Hili border post, walk across and complete uae border formalities (35aed exit fee) and then pick up a taxi to take you where you need to go. Then when you are done, get a taxi to take you 30kms to the oman border post at wadi jizzi, get stamped in and out (5 OMR), return to UAE border post and get restamped in.
      Taxis in UAE are metered; taxis in Oman are not.
      IMHO it is a lot of hassle to see a small town. Much better to rent a car and have a few days in beautiful Oman!
      Safe travels! M

      • Hi Marina,

        Thanks for your answer. In my travel book I read that both Buraimi and Al AΓ―n are part of the same oasis and close to one another. Since Al AΓ―n is recommended to visit, why not go to Buraimi at the same time (it’s included in my guide as well)? It just seems not so simple to get there.

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi – Marc – your book was probably printed pre-2013 when it was easy for UAE residents to access Buraimi. To get there nowadays you have to cross a border and obtain an Omani visa, so it’s not really worth doing for a few hours – better to schedule a week in Oman! all the best, Marina.

  57. Carolyn O Malley says:

    Hi, thanks for the info. It’s very helpful. Just wondering if anyone might know whether or not I can go through the Dibba border with a rental car? I am participating in the Wadi Bih adventure race & there will be presented authorisation for border crossing for the race. I just wondered if they would request to see an insurance letter from car rental company for Omani insurance. It would only be a couple of hours as I am not staying over night, simply doing the race & returning to Fujairah afterwards.
    Thanks in advace

  58. Hi,
    I’m a Canadian citizen and my 30 days are up on Feb 5th. Do you know if the 10 day grace period is still granted?
    I’ve never done this before, which border do you recommend for a quick visa run?
    Thank you

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Macy – sorry was out in the desert with patchy internet and could not reply quick enough. The 10 days grace period is still granted. The best border depends on where you are staying – if in AD or AA then I recommend Hafeet/Mezyad! Hope you got on ok,. regards, Marina

  59. Marco Nicotra says:

    Hello Marina,
    I’m Marco, an Italian citizen. I am planning to cross the border from UAE (RAK) and go to Khasab, where I have booked a tour at 9:30 in the morning.
    I should sleep in RAK, because I dine there, but it also depends on how long it takes to cross the border.
    I know that offices are open 24/7 and since I am EU citizen I can have my visa on arrival. At what time do you think is better to cross it and how long does it take?

    Thank you and best regards

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Marco
      thanks for getting in touch – sorry didn’t see your message earlier. Regarding border, yes you can get visa on arrival and the offices are open 24 hours a day. I am sorry but I have not been through this border for a few years – I reckon it might be busy about 7-8am with tour buses going through. I would head up there a bit earlier. Does your tour company offer a pick-up from your hotel? Check to see that the taxi will be permitted to cross the border and go all the way to Khasab – it may be that they have to drop you at the border and you get a taxi (unmetered) or a lift from someone up to join your tour. Good luck!

  60. Hi Marina,
    Im Shah, British passport holder, i found this blog very helpful, i am planning to do a visa run through mezyad- hafeeth border, we came in uae through Dubai airport on 31st january 2017,i assume we have 40 days,having said that on the visa run we are taking my brother who has a resident permit of UAE,and his car is financed by bank,can he take us in his car? And is it necessary to have a oman insurance on car?Or any one offer this service from Alain to take us?
    Many thanks in advance

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Shah – your visa is for 30 days with 10 days grace, so it can be renewed up to the 39th day after arrival. Regarding your brother, there should be no problem with him but the border guards may require a no objection certificate from the bank. Technically you should have Oman insurance but I have done it once without, when the border was very quiet. I am not sure if there is anyone in Al Ain who does a visa run service but there are some companies in Dubai which run regular visa run buses. Good luck!

  61. Hi Marina,

    I’m holding a UAE residence visa that will expire on June 2017. I’m a nurse by profession. Will the immigration officers in the Mezyad border would allow me to exit? I am planning to go to Nizwa by next week driving my car and be back again in Al ain after 2 days.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Chug
      You don’t mention your nationality but since you have a UAE residence visa I do not forsee a problem. However best thing to do is contact the Oman embassy for clarification. Wishing you a safe trip.

  62. Hi Marina,
    I did my visa run on 9th march 2017 from mezyad hafeeth border, do we get 30 or 40 days from that,i am British . many thanks for your help.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi – you get 30 days followed by 10 days grace in which you must renew. Good luck!

  63. Jeremy says:

    Hi Marina,
    I am planning a road trip into Oman via the Mezyad border this summer. The plan is to cross the border on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening around 7-8pm, have a night-stop in Ibri before an early-start drive down to Masirah island for a few days.
    Trip doesn’t coincide with any public holidays but would you still consider this as a busy/peak time….?
    Travelling with young kids who will be tired so really want to avoid excessive delays crossing the border if possible.
    What are your thoughts on my plan and do you have any alternative recommendation?
    Many thanks

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Jeremy
      thanks for stopping by. I would not consider this a peak time, in fact apart from weekends and public holidays that border crossing is not particularly busy. That being said, sometimes a bus load of visa-runners will arrive there 2 minutes before you did and hold you up for a while. Good luck and have a great time!

  64. Rudolph says:

    Hi Marina,
    We will be crossing the border into Oman via either the Mezyad or Hatta / Al Wajajah border this weekend and would need to purchase vehicle insurance at the border. Do you know whether the insurance kiosks at the border posts are only operating at certain times, or always open? And especially on a Friday?
    Many thanks!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Rudolph
      thanks for stopping by! Pleased to say that the insurance kiosks at the border appear to be open 24/7 – even on a public holiday. Please note that this weekend the borders will be extremely busy and you should allow anywhere between 2 and 5 hours for border formalities, unless you arrive at 4am, in which case there should not be much of a wait time. Good luck!

      • Rudolph says:

        Hi Marina,
        Thank you so much or the prompt response!

  65. happy says:

    hi, i have residency visa of oman working in buraimi as a doctor ( indian passport holder), i want to catch flight from dubai for India and want to cross from buraimi / al ain border post, what is the procedure & visa fees and is it possible to get multiple entry visa for 3 months or more because i keep travelling to india often.
    catching flight from muscat is tedious and costly
    kindly advice

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Harshp
      thanks for reading my blog. I am afraid this is not my area of expertise so rather than give you misinformation, I suggest you contact the UAE embassy in Oman for guidance. Hope you get the answer you hope for!

  66. Simon says:

    There’s been some rumors in the past month that British Citizens are getting caught up at the Hili Border when returning to re-enter the UAE to renew their tourist visas.

    Do you know is anyone has recently renewed their visa or is this just a rumor ?


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi – never heard of any problems but will keep my ears open. What do you mean “getting caught up”? BTW Hili border is not necessarily the best place for a visa run, there is not much room to queue when it is busy. Suggest Mezyad/Hafeet for this – and the posts are only 1.3kms apart. Good luck.

      • Simon says:

        Hello ,
        Caught up, I meaning the rumors suggested that people who went through the border, could not get back into the UAE.

        We will try the Mazyad / Hafeet since it is a lot shorter that the Hili option.


        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi Simon. Still haven’t heard of anyone having problems re-entering UAE at Hili, maybe it was passport related? Anyway, good luck with your next border run at Mezyad/Hafeet!


          • Simon says:

            Hi Marina,
            I finally did the Mazyad/Hafeet visa run last night and everything went smoothly without a hitch. I guess all the talk about British Citizens been caught up at the border are just RUMORS.

            The only change I noticed is the fee for for the Oman in/out tourist visa which used to cost 50 AED, now 200 AED.

            Once again, I thank you for your help and this very informative website that helped me and i’m sure many others.


          • Marina Bruce says:

            Glad you got the visa run ok – and pleased you found my website useful! Great to get some feedback πŸ™‚
            all the best, Marina

  67. Annie says:

    Hi Marina,
    I stumbled across your website at the perfect time as I have a border crossing question.
    My husband (Australian passport, UAE visit visa) and I (UK passpor, UAE resident’s visa) want to visit Oman for Eid in a rented car. We are based in Khor Fakkan.
    Are there likely to be any issues at the Kalba border crossing given our different passports and residency status? Am I right in thinking we will both get visas on arrival?
    I din’t want to book a hotel and then be stuck on the wrong side of the border!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Annie – should not be a problem. Husband will get tourist visa for 20 omr, and you, providing you have an approved profession stamped in your passport will get an AGCC foreign resident visa for 5 omr. You need to get permission from your rental company to take your car out of the UAE. have a great time!

      • Annie says:

        Hi Marina,
        Thank you for your response – you put my mind at ease regarding the border crossing. And thanks for mentioning the AGCC Foreign Resident visa as I nearly ticked the wrong box. However, a note of warning for those trying to cross at Kalba – rented cars or cars with a bank loan are not permitted to cross at Kalba. We (and many others) had to turn back and head to the Hatta Crossing today.
        Thanks, Annie

        • Jenna says:

          Hi Annie
          Just a question since u recently travelled
          Did they cause any problem at the Hatta border with bank car ?
          Is this the khatmat malaha border ?

  68. I made a reservation at six senses in zighy bay. And am worried about the way to go there. But i have contacted several rental companies and none allow there cars to cross the border. But dollar car rental company told me thatvthey allowed it and when i asked for the orginal mulkiya they said the new rules allow a photocopied not the orginal. Is that true?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Lulu
      Why not get someone from Zighy Bay to come and collect you? Some years back I saw them collect people by speedboat and I know they do a 4×4 shuttle. The last few kms to the resort are on a mountain road and quite challenging if you are not used to that sort of driving.
      Park your car at Dibba (the UAE side) while you are at the hotel – the crime rate is very low in UAE/Oman so it will be fine.
      You used to be able to take a car through with a photocopy of the mulkiya but it changed last year to requiring the original – maybe it has changed again?
      Have a great stay in Oman!
      regards, Marina

  69. Stuck at the Al dhara border right now. I have. Residency visa for the UAE, trying to get back to Ras Al khaimah, they said my passport is blacklisted and don’t know why. They don’t speak much English at all. They said they are asking police to see if there is a problem. I have no loans, no missed payments, no fines, no nothing. Any ideas?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Oh dear – that is unfortunate! Never heard of this happening before, hope it gets sorted very quickly! Let me know how you get on if you have the time.

  70. Robert O'Connor says:


    I need to do a border run. I’m going to borrow my friends car.
    I still have my emirates license from when I had my old residency visa.
    Is it legal to drive the car
    Do I need any other documents


    • Marina Bruce says:

      your old licence is still valid – for the last few years the licence has not been tied to residency.
      Check with your friend’s insurers that you will be covered – chances are you will be since you are driving on UAE licence but good to double check.
      You will need an NOC from him to allow you to cross the border with his car. If he has an outstanding loan on the car you may not be able to cross without an extra NOC from the lender.
      Good luck!

      • Robert O'Connor says:

        Hi .

        Thanks for reply. I went before you sent it.
        They did not ask for NOC letter.
        Just asked who owned the car.


  71. Shah says:

    Hi Marina.
    I am planning to visit Oman this weekend. I have had mixed reviews about the need of an NOC if your car is mortgaged by the bank .
    Do you have any recent update on this?
    Which border should we cross to have a greater chance of success ?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Shah – very mixed results too. Best to get an NOC but if you don’t have time then I would suggest trying Khatim Al Shikla or Mezyad. Good luck!

  72. YIannis says:

    Just completed a go and return trip by a rented car from Dubai to Oman and back.
    We are not GCC citizens nor residents.
    We tried via Kalba without the car’s original vehicle’s license and we were not allowed to leave the UAE towards Oman, at the first UAE checkpoint.
    We returned to Dubai in order to pick up the card from the company (Dollar) and then we tried via Hatta. We were not asked for the vehicle’s license on our way out of UAE but only at the entrance of the Oman borders, where we got our visa. At the same point we were asked to car insurance for Oman. No one asked us for the NOC or any relevant documentation.

    On our way from Oman back to UAE, we were not asked for any car documents at any point. On the other hand, we were stopped for more than 1 hour in the UAE customs for extensive check by the border guards, where we were questioned and thoroughly body-searched as well as detailed check of all of our luggage, clothes and car. Otherwise, the Oman to UAE border cross was easy.

  73. I am willing to go to oman via the khatim shakla border during the upcoming eid holidays with an expired car registration but valid insurance. Would i be allowed to cross the UAE border. Would be thankful for a prompt response.


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello good morning. I am sorry but it is unlikely that they will let you through. When you go to the first point to collect your export paperwork, if your car’s mulkia is expired, it will be flagged up on their computer. I once got through, but only because I told him my husband was waiting for me in Buraimi, and he told me I would not be let through again. So I recommend you get your car re-registered this week.

      regards, Marina


    Am planing to go Salalah on Eid Holidays with my friend car , Is it allowed ?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Shanif. You will have to give a bit more information for me to help you. I assume you are in the UAE in which case you need to get written permission from your friend to take their car into Oman. However, if there is finance outstanding on the car you may also have to carry an NOC from the bank. Regarding visas – please read my post – ensure you have one of the approved professions or you may not get a visa. Have a great time in Salalah!

      • SHANIF SULAIMAN says:

        Hi marina,
        i went to Salalah on Eid holidays, it is very good memorable trip in my life. i would like to share some information… I passed the mezyad border by rent a car with expired registration card ( but insurance is valid) & for rent car insurance premium of oman is little expensive, I had paid 18 riyal for one week .

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Glad you got thru with the expired mulkiya – I will say the insurance premium was expensive as I paid 17 OMR for 3 months just last week! Keep travelling and searching! All the best, Marina


    Hi Marina,
    Thanks for your reply.. Am on resident visa at Al Ain , UAE. &previously i had pass the Oman border 4 times with my own car. This time am planing to use my friend car.

  76. Roxanne says:


    Hope you can’t help me with this. Travelling to Oman on Thursday for the holidays. But we overlooked my friends UAE visa validity which will expire on Oct 6,2017. We can asked her company to issue a certification that her visa renewal is under process. Can we proceed? Have you experienced this?


      • Roxanne says:

        Filipino. Accountant General
        She got letter also from her company that her visa is under renewal process

        • Marina Bruce says:

          I am not sure if they will let her through but it is worth trying (maybe have a backup plan just in case) – remember to smile and be nice to the border officer! Good luck!

  77. Jaison says:

    Staff nurse in government hospital her visa validity is only one month. ..any problem to travel to oman. ..for 4 days? Please

    • Marina Bruce says:

      GCC Foreign resident visa will not apply. If she has the right nationality she may get a tourist visa on arrival, you can also avail this online. Good luck

  78. Hi Marina
    I am planning to visit oman this weekend it is better to go from Mezyad-Hafeet Border or Al Ain-Khatam Al Shikla Border.We are having UAE residence visa and main thing is which will be the best entrance where we find Nature Greenery?.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Sam – It all depends where you are going!
      Mezyad – Hafeet for Jebel Shams, Jebel Akhdar, Nizwa (2-3 hours drive)
      Khatam Al Shikla for Buraimi City and Sohar on the coast (1.5 hours to Sohar)

      have a great time!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Yes – they all are! Possibly veey busy though, so be prepared to wait.

      Have a great time!

  79. Hi Marina
    I was there at the end of august it was very good,Refreshing its feel like travel from Artificial country to Natural country πŸ™‚ .It was really a magic the sightseeing no Sky limit buildings. in this modern world. Our time wasted inVisa process itconsumes around 3-4 hours to take visa because of so many peoples.I need to ask you every time i have to wait like this for visa process.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Sam – I reckon you went during Eid? This is the public holiday and it is always crazy then. Maybe try to travel during the night or to time your break for a normal weekend? No way to circumvent the visa queues I’m afraid, you can apply for the Oman one online but you still have to stand in the queue to have it entered in your visa. Hopefully this will change in time. Keep travelling and searching! All the best, Marina

      • Yes Eid Holidays, All right dear i will definitely try this option in November holidays (Inshallah). And Thank you so much for your suggestions
        Have a nice day

  80. bhupender says:

    i am portuguess passport holder…..i am coming first dubai airport 19 nov….as i see in emirat website that portugiess passport holder will get 90 days visa free multipal entry…….
    now i want to go oman muskat via hata vajja border…….28 Nov i want to go muskat by bus…..and return 30 nov by bus…
    now i want to knwo theire are any visa fee for my side i should pay….or i should be able visa type code 21a dubai oman visa ….
    pls advice…..
    if i dont able get free visa in oman then how much i pay their???
    i think my side i will travel free visa ..i will get on arrival visa both country free….


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello bhupender
      I am sorry I do not know if you have to purchase a visa or not. If you have to purchase one it will cost you 20 OMR. I recommend you contact the Omani Immigration/Border – details at the foot of my blog. Wishing you a great holiday.

  81. Michael says:

    Hi! My parents are in UAE under visit visa. Can they enter Oman under visit visa also? Are there any restrictions for filipino nationals?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Michael
      Some nationalities have more restrictions than others. Suggest you check that uae visa is multi-entry and also check with Oman embassy to see if visit visa is possible. Wishing your parents a great trip!

      • Michael says:

        They have single entry visit visa in UAE; our plan is they will exit from UAE through buraimi border and enter Oman with visit visa under my sponsor, ministry of health and then from Oman all together we will go back to phils via sohar airport.

        • Michael says:

          I will be in UAE as well this december and will accompany them as they enter Oman.

          • Marina Bruce says:

            Please enquire of the Oman embassy in either Abu Dhabi or Dubai. Wishing them all a great stay!

  82. Dear Marina,
    My husband is from the US and he changed his visa A to A multiple times, now it’s becoming tricky cause through terminal 1 he gets 40 days but through terminal 2 (fly dubai) he gets 30 days where he needs to leave before midnight and re-enter after midnight.
    This is his first time to change his visa through the boarders, can you please help us to find out if they will allow him to do it and if he gets the 10 days grace?
    P.s: We called the immigration but they couldn’t verify if he gets the 10 days grace or if it’s possible at all for him to change the visa, they gave us the boarder number but it’s always busy.
    We would really appreciate your help on this
    Thanks a lot

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Olfat. I feel your pain! Unfortunately I am not an expert in the complicated world of borders so cannot offer you any reliable advice. Can I suggest you go to the border in advance and ask the advice of the most senior person on duty that day?
      Hope all goes well next time, regards, Marina

  83. Hi Marina,

    I have quick question about Kathm Al Shakla. I was thinking to drive to UAE border and park the car in border, then get taxi or hitch ride with someone to Omani border where my Omani friends will pick me up.
    Or is it better to park in in Al Ain and get taxi to Omani border from there? Obviously I was trying to save little bit of money and convenience by parking at the UAE border.
    I am going tomorrow evening.

    Thank you


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Zuzana
      Definitely don’t recommend parking your car at a government facility such as the border a taxi there would be best. Distance from UAE border to Oman checkpoint is not will need to stamp in/out of Oman at Wadi Jizzi before returning to the UAE. Have a great weekend!

  84. Julian Jarrett says:

    Hi Marina, great post thanks for the info. I am going to stay at Zighy Bay in Dimma and travelling from Muscat – do you think it is feasible in one day to go through the Khatmat border and then Dimma border afterwards. Google maps says the drive is about 5 hours – how long should I allow for border crossings? I understand Dimma should be fairly straight forward if I prearrange with the hotel, do you agree? I am a UK passport holder with Oman residency. Also – are there any updates to this page you would make?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      I think your journey should be do-able in a day. Time at border – depends how busy it is – public holidays can take a few hours. Please note that the Dibba border is a Sharjah police post not a stamped border crossing so please seek advice from the hotel since you are an Oman resident.
      Re updates – post regularly checked and updated. Going to be some big changes in the Al Ain posts in 2018! Have a great break! All the best, Marina

  85. Some current information on border crossing to Khasab with a rented car: We just successfully completed a roundtrip from Dubai to Khasab (Musandam, Oman) and crossed the border at Al Dara without any issues using a Budget rental car, even if Budget are telling their customers that Oman border crossing is only possible through the Hatta, Al Wajaja border post and that it is not possible to drive to Musandam. NOC letter and Oman car insurance are mandatory and are being checked by the Omani border post.

  86. Dear Marina
    Thank you so much for the efforts, but I have a question regarding dibba border if they need a omani insurance? i have a booking in golden tulip dibba and they are assisting me but they don’t have any idea if i need an insurance for oman to my car or not, since i am staying there only for one night and coming back to uae. also i am wondering how much it will be the fees to enter dibba oman and if we can pay in aed .
    thank you again

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Majda
      Not sure about Omani insurance, but I would suggest you contact your current insurer to see if they cover for the Omani side of Dibba city.
      There is no charge to pass this border – it is not a full border where you get stamped, merely a Sharjah Police post. Please ensure you need the hotel to get you advance permission to go through the post. Wishing you a lovely time!

  87. HI Marina
    I am traveling to Muscat from Dubai for a teambuilding program we are doing there and will be transporting some weird and wonderfuls in terms of the activities (poles, football goals, pa system etc). The next thing is that I have the oman car insurance but the car (ford F150) is financed through EIB. So 2 questions 1) which border crossing do you think I would have the least issues with based on the weird and wonderfuls and 2) do I need a NOC from EIB to take the car over the border?
    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Gavin

      Re which border to choose – I don’t think there is any one better than the other, depends on the customs officers you encounter when you get there.
      In theory you will need an NOC but many cross without.
      Good luck!

    • hamzah says:

      Hi Gavin,
      Quick question, did you end up getting through the UAE border in your F 150 without the NOC from the bank.

  88. Roger Lindholm says:

    We are a Swedish and American family that plan a trip to UAE and Oman in august. We plan to rent a car in Dubai, drive down to Abu Dhabi and would like to go from there to Nizwa and later up to Muscat. The car rental company are ok with having us drive into Oman as long as we purchase insurance, but we have gotten different information on what border crossings are allowed for us to use.

    Do you know if it is possible for us to cross from UAE to Oman in Al Ain and exit back to UAE via Hatta?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Roger

      Thanks for connecting with my blog. Yes you can exit/re-enter UAE using different Omani border posts. You will need an NOC from yourcar rental company before you can take it oit of the UAE.
      wishing you a great trip!

  89. 88Dutchie88 says:

    Hi Marina! I am planning on using our car (registered in my husband’s name) to drive to Musandam in a couple of weeks’ time. I have tried multiple times to call the Omani embassy and have even emailed to try and find out what form of ‘written permission’ I need from my husband saying I can take the car from the UAE to Oman. Just wondering what the permission that you used looked like. Thanks!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi! I have been told that your attested marriage certificate will suffice, however I haven’t put this to the test as I only cross the border in my own car. The problem is not the Oman side, it is the UAE customs who can be a bit sticky about letting cars cross the border without the owner being present. To be 100% sure, then head to a UAE customs department in the city (AD, Dubai etc) and ask them. Good luck, please let me know how you get on!

  90. Marina – I am looking to fly out of Sohar Airport in March, driving from Dubai.

    The information is a little confusing on google about which borders I can use or not!

    I am a UAE resident, from UK and in my own car – can you let me know which is the best border post to use for Sohar for easiest access?

    Many thanks

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi John
      I don’t know from Dubai – maybe Hatta? If not then al ain khatim al shikla is good. Good luck!

  91. We did the Dubai -> Muscat trip by a rented car last August.

    If you are renting a car, please make sure you get the original car’s license (NOT A COPY) from the company you’ll rent it, otherwise you’ll probably won’t be able to cross the borders.

    We only had a copy of it and despite having all the relative papers (insurance for Oman, NOC, etc. )we were forced to drive back to Dubai and get it.

    This happened close to the Kalba town.
    We managed to cross the borders via the Hatta spot, where we were asked for all those papers, and the original card there too.

    Generally I do not recommend crossing those borders by car, it would so much easier if we were flying to Muscat and rent a car from there, as we went through extensive checks and basic interrogation on our way back to UAE from Oman, which kept us for about 2 hours in the borders. Especially if you could be looking a little suspicious (we were 2 males aged 30 years old), it’s highly recommeded to avoid this trip – it’s not something special anyway.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Interesting experience! If you cross from Al Ain Mezyad/Hafeet and head to Muscat you will find a more scenic road with interesting places to stop and visit! The rental car is a bit of a pain in the neck though -hope you have a better experience next time round!

  92. Earlier this month I did a 2-week roadtrip through the UAE and Oman. I used a rental car from Dollar, hired at Dubai intl airport. I only had a copy of the mulkiyah (car’s licence) but Dollar gave me an extra letter to go with it, apparently explaining why not an original. And of course a NOC and Oman insurance.

    I crossed the Al Ain Mezyad/Hafeet border twice on one day, only to visit a site in Oman. Later I crossed the Al Ain Khatam Al Shikla border to get into Oman for a couple of days. I entered the UAE again through the Kalba border. Next day I hopped through the Dibba post to spend one night at the Golden Tulip hotel in Oman and return the next day. (Mind you, there are two posts; one on the coastal road and one on the bigger road around Dibba. For the Golden Tulip you will need to use the coastal one.) Later my last crossing was twice through the Dara/Bukha border, on one day for visit of Musandam.

    All these crossings got me a lot of passport stamps but no questions at all. All the crossings never took me more than an hour. The only thing they really inspected every time was the mulkiyah and it being only a copy was never a problem. Sometimes the Oman insurance was checked. But as far as I noticed no one looked at the NOC nor the letter accompanying the mulkiyah. All border personnel was cooperative. Although the Omani were a bit more friendly..

    I was travelling on a UAE multiple entry tourist visa. I had to buy a new Oman visa every time I entered.

    Just wanted to share my smooth experiences πŸ™‚

  93. Hi Marina,
    We are British passport holders, we cancelled our UAE resident visa , we have time till 5th March to exit to avoid fine, but our tickets are booked for 17th march back to UK, i was wondering if we can do visa run through mezyad post, i mean entry and exit, is it possible?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Yes you can! It will cost you 20 omr for the oman visa tho as you are no longer a uae resident. Good luck!

  94. Edel Murphy says:

    Hi there,

    Is the Kalba border crossing still open? I am driving from Fujairah to sohar and I was going to use this crossing.
    also how much is the car insurance to buy on the border? we compete own our car but need the omani insurance.
    thanks a million for all your help,

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Edel – sorry for the delay in replying, been in the desert on back-to-back jobs for a few weeks. Yes the border is still open. Insurance is around 100aed – it is 3rd party only. If you go to Oman a lot then you can buy quarterly, six monthly or annual insurance for around 300-400aed, which saves a lot of money. Good luck

  95. Max Van says:

    Hi Marina /anyone else… have applied for a Tourist visa while I’m actually a UAE resident, now realising that on top of paying 150 AED too much, I would also have to fly into Oman and have a hotel booking.

    Is it possible instead to arrive at the land border with a tourist visa?
    Anyone have some experiences to share?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Max

      if you are from one of the countries that used to get a VOA, then even as a tourist you do not need a hotel booking, nor do you have to fly in. People cross the land border with tourist visas all the time, so I wouldn’t worry too much. Incidentally, contrary to what the Omani Government said prior to 21 march, you can still get a visa on arrival as a UAE resident. Have a great trip!

  96. Christian says:

    Hi Marina,
    since you are closer to the scene, do the Omanis still issue VOA at the Mezyad – Hafeet border post? We have crossed there many times before with VOA and getting eVisa is a hazzle. I would rather prefere to get VOA, especially since eVisas seem not to have sped up the process very much. We’ll cross there in 4 weeks.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi – VOA still available to citizens of Oman list 1 countries. Enjoy your trip!

  97. Shahid qureshi says:

    I am an Indian national holding a uae resident visa and will be crossing over to musaddam via Al Dara Oman Border my question is what documents are required for my car which is owned by me (not mortagaged).
    Reason for this question is some time back UAE had started to issues car permits for traveling to Oman by road.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Shahid. At the moment only the mulkia is required to take your own car over the border. If your insurance covers Oman then an “orange card” available from yoir insurers is also required(but mostly not asked for). Have a great time!

  98. Hi marina,

    I would like to go salalah with my family of 3 we are the uae residents with uae residents visa and my car is also renewed with oman insurance.

    My query is which border should I cross from dubai?
    My family is covered with basic medicial insurance, my question is do I have to cover with oman medicial health insurance?
    Can I go to oman embassy in dubai and apply for visa?
    What are the charges for all above queries?

    Please let me know as I am planning to go this month for a short vacation.

    Thank you for your advice in above blog it was very useful.

  99. wanderer says:

    Hi Marina, could you please shed some light on Sa’ara border crossing?

    I read online on various news portals that Sa’ara is open for both non-GCC and expats, however I can’t find anything on traveler experience at this check-post. I recently did a visa run at Meyzad after reading your blog but it is too far away from the city and I intend to do it walking through the border.

    Your help will be highly appreciated.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Sorry Sa’ara only for gcc citizens for last 2 years. It’s a 30km journey to the oman post at wadi jizzi so not possible to walk. Your only option in al ain if walking is Mezyad. Good luck

  100. Fatima says:

    Amazing info! Thanks a lot!
    I have a question though, I’m planning to go to Muscat in a couple of days, can I please know if there is any difference in choosing between Shj/Kalba border post or Al Ain/Mezyad one? Do both issue/stamp the visa on arrival? I used to go to Musandam without applying online for the e-visa, is there any difference going to Muscat? and what time do you recommend going there, as it’ll be Friday before Eid, so is 6 7 a.m fine? or earlier is better to beat the traffic?
    Thanks a loot!!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Fatima
      Glad you find the info useful. You don’t say where you are travelling from, but if it is Dubai, then Hatta is the place to cross and if from Abu Dhabi you should use Khatim Al Shikla in Al Ain and Wadi Jizzi. Both issue visas on arrival to certain nationalities and to GCC residents with specific job titles. What time to go? You are right, earlier is better, in fact I would be heading there as early as I could, and certainly no later than 5.30am. You never know how busy it will be, but I’d rather be in Oman 2 hours too early and enjoying the sunrise with a coffee from a roadside coffee shop, than queuing at the border!
      Have a great trip

      • Fatima says:

        Thanks a lot for your reply! πŸ™‚
        I’m in Dubai, but don’t mind the drive to Abu Dhabi, so the thing is that a lot of articles states that Hatta border post is closed for expats, someone (non GCC citizen) just told me he crossed it 2 weeks ago with no problems, but I just called Amer (General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs – Dubai) and they confirmed that it’s closed! they gave me the border’s office number but no one answered yet.
        So that’s why I asked about Shj/Kalba one, is it OK to use as well? do you have any general idea of the traffic situation there, it’s probably the same, but just asking.
        Thanks again!

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi Fatima
          There is so much misinformation out there!
          Hatta us very much OPEN!!! I crossed there myself a few weeks back. What is closed is the old road from Dubai which took you directly to Hatta via an Omani enclave. Please reread my blog and the update to Hatta/wajajah 15th nov – the route is there.
          I have been told that Sharjah/kalba has been restricted recently and someome who turned up there was sent to Hatta.

          Traffic – all borders crazy busy at the start of a public holiday!

          Good luck!

  101. Miqstura says:

    Hello Marina! My wife and me are planning to visit Muscat from Al Ain. As I understand the only possible ways to get to Al Buraimi from Al Ain for non-residents are Mezyad-Hafeet and Khatm al Shakla border crossings. If we do somehow (by bus or by taxi) manage to get to the border, will we be allowed to cross by foot into Oman and than catch some kind of transport (again bus or taxi) to the Al Buraimi bus station from where Mwasalat buses should be running as per information published on their website? Thanks a lot

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Miqstura – this is a complicated thing to do. The Khatim Al Shikla crossing is some way from the town of Buraimi – however you might just get a lift from a friendly Omani, and this is more likely than getting a taxi. You still need to check in to Oman at Wadi Jizzi post, you should check with the bus company if you need a visa in advance (evisa). Mezyad is a very long way from Buraimi (about 70km if my memory serves me well) so don’t even consider it!

      Can you get a bus from Al Ain to Buraimi? Would be a bit easier and I believe you can take one from Abu Dhabi, so surely it would stop at Al Ain?

      Good luck – it will be an adventure!

      • Miqstura says:

        Hi Marina! Thank you very much for your reply as well as for the whole information you have given. Actually the problem is that I couldn’t find inj the internet information about any bus connection between Al Ain to Oman or even from Abu Dhabi to Oman. There is a bus from Dubai to Oman but we would like to avoid that route as much as possible.

        Do you have information about any buses from Abu Dhabi (or Al Ain) to Oman?

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hello good morning

          I am sorry but I don’t have any info. Recommend you go down to the bus station in Al Ain (you will find it on google) and ask there – if the clerk can’t help you then some of the random people waiting around there for buses may know.

          Good luck and sorry I can’t help.

          Kind regards

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