Liwa Wakes Up

I spent a couple of extra days in Liwa before the Dark Skies Challenge 15, much of it spent with my friend Chris working on improving his offroad driving skills – which he did very well!  Thursday morning say me with a few hours off, so once awake and on the road I spent them snapping away in the magic morning hour.

I paused high on a hill for a breakfast picnic – the weather was perfect, not cold yet not too warm, and not a breath of wind (that came later…).  Late last year a friend had told me that the Al Hayl Tower, nestled deep in a date palm plantation could no longer be seen from the top of the hill – but thankfully it is, from “my” waypoint there are quite a lof of date palms to peruse so I need to tell my friends roughly where to look!

The next stop was the Liwa Fish Farm, who now have a raft of ducks!  The guide took me further along the road to some polytunnels, where thousands of cucumber plants are producing one of the UAE’s staple foods (in modern times anyway).

I couldn’t resist a drive around some more plantations

Finally it was time to head back to the camp and prepare for the 51 cars who were joining me for the Oasis Offroad Dark Skies Challenge 2015!

Ah Liwa, how I love you!

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