Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2015 – Special Stage 3 – Bikes and Quads

After a reasonably restful night – we were camping in dunes just beyond the bivouac so we didn’t have to listen to rally cars being re-assembled for half the night – it was time to pick up our cameramen and head onto the course.  This was the day we could sleep in – we didn’t have to pick them up til 6.45am!  The weather was great, we found a very good filming spot and conditions were good – quite clear and not too hot.  Our position was only 11kms from the start of the stage so we were able to film all the participants, have lunch in the Al Asma curry restaurant in Mizaira and make it to the editing suite ahead of schedule!

Unfortunately my camera was playing up so I had to switch to my Fuji bridge camera but nevertheless I got one or two worthwhile shots from it.  The day was going so well I even suggested to Jerome that he films every competitor, since being positioned so early in the stage it was the best chance we would have all week – so for SS3 I have separate blogs for moto and auto.

See separate post for the cars!

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