Al Ain – Useful GPS Co-ordinates

New to Al Ain?  Heading here after the summer?  Here are some waypoints you may find useful when “finding your feet” in the Garden City of the UAE.

If you have read my “Life in Al Ain” series (see links below) then you will know how much easier your life will be if you use Google Earth and GPS, whether it be a standalone device or a programme on your smartphone!  Click on the links below to download the files.

GPX file – to view on GPS programs and devices

KML file – to view on Google Earth

If you don’t want to download the files above, here are are the lists of some Al Ain waypoints which you may find useful –













And finally some more reading for you

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Ayn Al Fayda

If the summer of 2015 sees you moving here, I hope all goes well and that you will end up loving Al Ain as much as I do!

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