ADIHEX 2015: Wed 9th-Sat 12th September

It is that time of year again – my favourite exhibition rolls into town at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre this Wedesday, 9th September – and I can hardly wait!

This year the show runs for a full four days – in previous years the first day has been for VIPs only but 2015 sees the event open to all right the way through.

As ever, ADIHEX is a celebration of outdoor life with a big display area by Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture  – where better to educate people about the ancient Bedu culture of the UAE?  Take your wallet too as there are many offroad accessory suppliers exhibiting together with a variety of camping goods retailers. And falcons – did I mention falcons?  Dozens of them lined up on their perches, ready to smile for the camera – and if you already have a falcon, then there are lots of retail opportunities to purchase accessories such as crystal encrusted falcon hoods or designer falconing gloves!  Arabian hunting dogs – the noble saluki – feature heavily and there will be chances to see them go through their paces at various competitions. Camels, the ship of the desert and the beast of burden which made life in this extreme environment possible pre-motor car, are not forgotten and a selection of some of the finest will be going under the hammer on Friday evening!

I will be there for quite a few hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, loosely attached to the OutdoorUAE stand, were I will be talking to folk about Mike Nott’s updated book – Advanced Off-Road Adventure Routes UAE & Oman.  If you have time, please stop by and say hello!

Read about my 2013 visit to ADIHEX here.

Find out full details from the event website.  In the meantime, here are some screenshots from the site giving daily arena schedules – these might vary slightly so please check with the organisers if you are planning your visit around a particular show.

See you there!

Arena Shows








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