Sharjah Heritage Museum

You will find a cluster of museums in the Al Mareija area of Sharjah, close to the creek and not far away from the town centre either.  Parking is at a premium here but when you find a space you can be assured that there is plenty to do to make the search worthwhile.

Sharjah Heritage Museum is my favourite museum in Sharjah so far; it details the social history of the Emirates and if you are a “culture vulture” like me you will find yourself wanting to read every information board and examine every exhibit.

Weddings, childhood, arts & crafts and so much more are covered and like all the museums we visited, the exhibits are very well displayed.

Opening hours

Saturday-Thursday 8am to 8pm

Friday 4pm to 8pm

Note: according to their website, unlike many museums here, this is open on a Sunday (I would phone to check before visiting on a Sunday tho).

N25 21.472 E55 23.026

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