Sunday Sandy Snapshot #40

Oh wow – this is week 40 of the year 2015 – where has it gone?

The Liwa season, for those who do not care for driving in 45-50C heat, has started.  For me it never ends, but I guess you will have gathered that by now.  This photo was taken in March 2011 when our group drove south of Madinat Zayed for a couple of days.  Although the sand looks dirty, it is in fact wet and made for tricky driving through bowls where the sand was the texture of thick lentil soup!

At first glance it may look as if these camels are photo shopped in, but they are not.  The poor beasts, having given birth to their calves only days before, were standing bedraggled watching some crazy white people drive through the dunes in their 4x4s.


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