A friend for Rahhal

Our lovely dog was lonely, so what to do?

First of all a lonely hearts advert on my fb page


We had lots of likes for the post, and one person sent me a link for a saluki puppy which was currently being fostered at the Australian Vets in Abu Dhabi. I picked her up the next day – if she did not work out with the family/Rahhal then I could return her (as if that would happen!) within 14 days and the adoption fee would be refunded.

We renamed her Ramlah (a grain of sand) and thankfully her and Rahhal hit it off straight away. We have never had a puppy before, nor have we had two dogs in our family at once so having an over-exuberant 6 month old saluki took a little getting used to but now, only 6 weeks later she has settled down and we are really enjoying her company.

On the way home from the vets she was travel sick (and worse) twice, but the poor wee thing, having spent half her short life in the kennels was unused to cars. We took her out for short offroad drives, increasing the time/distance and bumpiness and I am pleased to say she now comes dune bashing with me with no ill-effects.

Our local friends cannot understand the westerners need to have a four legged friend- why would we have dogs when we don’t race them or hunt with them?  In the traditional Bedouin world there is little sentimentality about pets – animals must “pay their way”; salukis and falcons by capturing food for the pot and camels for milk and ultimately meat.

We treat our dogs as part of the family, which means they must accompany us on our travels, camp now and then, have a breakfast of manakesh in the park and a supper of shwarma at Cafe Shams Al Doukh!

You will be hearing a lot more about the adventures of Rahhal and Ramlah in the future!

  1. Patou says:

    Good job Marina, I bet you are making their lives so much better and happy.

  2. Lesley Keddy says:

    Such a lovely story. Love reading your posts.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks Lesley – if ever you find yourself in the UAE you’ll have to come and meet them!

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