Found A Good Auto Workshop in Madinat Zayed!

Over the years we have had the odd mechanical issue spring up while down in Liwa – a broken exhaust on one trip and complete lack of a/c on another trip in May, to name just a couple. Yet, since we did not know any trustworthy and competent garage down here we would “limp” our cars the long long 300kms back to Al Ain.

After moving here a friend introduced me to his cousin’s garage, which is well equipped, staffed by people who know their stuff, with repairs done at a reasonable price.

This is Al Afghani Modern Car Repairing, based in the Industrial Area of Madinat Zayed, Al Gharbia

DSCF6217  Al_Afghani_modern_workshop

There are many reasons for western expats to be a little nervous when they have to use a new garage

What if nobody there talks English (and in my case, does not understand my accent)?

There is no language barrier at Al Afghani – one of their mechanics speaks excellent english, their supervisor speaks a bit of english too, and if none of them are around they will find a customer to translate!


If you don’t speak arabic then seek out one of these guys!

What if they overcharge me?

I have Al Afghami’s pricing to be very fair, there are no doubt cheaper auto repairers in town but they do the job properly and do it once! All the repair work my friends and I have had done has been done well, and lasted

How can I explain I want something done before it breaks down?

Unlike many garages in the UAE, preventative maintenance is not a foreign concept to Al Afghani.  They will not try to sell you something you don’t need, but if you want something particular replaced ahead of time, like bushes which are not completely done, then they will replace them for you.


What if they keep my car for weeks?

Al Afghani are quite a large garage and must have about a dozen mechanics and bodywork technicians so they have the means to repair things quickly, subject to parts arriving.  My friend Ian was one of the team supporting Max Calderan on his TOC trip when he managed to damage a wheel hub.  This happened near Ghyathi but I persuaded him to get himself over to MZ to these guys.  It was going to take 24 hours to get a new wheel hub for his Prado here, but when we explained that Ian was needed back on the team asap, they took both off, corrected the problem then realigned the wheels – all in under 5 hours!


What if they don’t know how to sort my (insert make)?

The mechanics work on all manner of cars here – one day I saw my friend Zach’s beat up jeep next to a vintage Rolls Royce!  Like most auto repairers in the UAE, they know their way round a Patrol or a Landcruiser with their eyes shut but they seem to do good work on “foreign” marques.  Incidentally Zach’s jeep was there because they were waiting for parts – Parts shops have plenty of everyday spares for Nissans and Toyotas but there is not one which carries a wide range of Jeep spares so you can expect a 1 day delivery period for them.


So there you have it, a real gem in the industrial area!

Contact details

mobile 056 2027666 landline 02 0044552

GPS co-ordinates  23.661566°  53.723819°

Open Saturday-Thursday from 9am to 1pm and 4pm to 10pm (9pm on a Thursday) (different hours during Ramadan)

You can pay by cash or card, but all bills must be settled before taking your car away.


Stop Press!

Al Afghani Modern Car Repairers are opening a new workshop 5 minutes drive away from their existing one and I got a sneak preview! It is custom built, very well equipped and will have a majlis area for customers wishing to wait for their cars. Will update this post and co-ordinates once it is open, after Eid 2016!

2016-05-29 20.18.40

The guys at Al Afghani have not paid me to write this, nor will I gain future financial benefit from this post – I just thought my readers would like to know about them should they ever need their car repaired in the Liwa area!  Tell them the Diva sent you!

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