Madinat Zayed’s Best Electric Retailer

I am writing this post mainly for the residents of Madinat Zayed, however if you are camping/offroading in the area and in need of a torch then please read on.

I needed a new washing machine when we arrived here last December and thought I might have to go to Abu Dhabi to get one; however my friends said I could buy one here which surprised me as MZ is a relatively small city.  Al Madina General Trading is located in Sanaiya (GPS N23.65934° E53.72695°) and they have a huge range of electronics and electrical items.  Their staff are well informed and friendly, and if you cannot see what you want in their shop then ask – as they have lots more stock in their warehouse.  If they don’t have it in their warehouse they will try to get it for you, normally within 48 hours, and deliver it to your home in MZ for free!

At the moment all over the world oil-based economies are under pressure so it is good to “look local first” and I would definitely make Al Madina my first stop to buy electricals – and torches!

2016-07-10 19.22.10

  1. Ameer Ahmed says:

    Alhamdulilha .. We will consider its our best achievement in our business life. Customer happy is our happy it’s double wen we suppose to hear from indirect way.
    Thanking you

  2. Hassan says:

    Thank you marina for the information. I will also check in to Al Madina as i have some shopping as am planing for a vacation.

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