Expedition to the Rub Al Khali & Umm As Sameem : 30 Sep to 2 Oct 2016

Most of my favourite places in Oman and the UAE feature sand desert, yet the desolation and (perceived) danger of the Umm As Sameem keeps drawing me back – I have visited every year since I first “discovered” it back in 2012.  I am sure there is nowhere quite like it on earth – a massive sabkah gradually being encroached on by the huge red sand dunes of the Rub Al Khali, the Empty Quarter.

If a group is properly prepared then crossing it should present no risk to travelers, however the bedu of yesteryear had no satphones, gps or backup supplies – they had to take their chances when negotiating The Mother of All Poisons and their tales of sinking sands and disappearing goats still linger today.

Even in modern times it can catch people out and it’s worth reading traveler, writer and photographer extraordinaire, Pinaki’s, account of when he nearly lost his life in this area.

But don’t let that put you off as there is safety in numbers and we plan to have at least six cars on our expedition.  We are experts in our field when it comes to driving and navigation; are first aid trained, carry satphones, and have local contacts so we can assure our guests of a safe trip.

You will need a 4WD, AWD or 4×4 to accompany us, as although it is mainly track based there are some sections of easy sand driving.

The expedition has been timed to take advantage of the Islamic New Year Holiday – in the unlikely event that there is no public holiday on the Sunday then we will adjust the trip timings so we do not need to cancel it.

If you can’t make out the slides below clearly, just click on each individual one for a larger view.  Have I missed anything out?  Is there too much information?  Your feedback will be appreciated, thank you.

















Download the presentation in PDF form by clicking on the link below

Expedition Umm As Sameem and Rub Al Khali

More about the expedition drive itself

Previous visits





  1. Hello Marina,
    I would love to join the group – the option inclusive of the food option. I would come from Qatar ie through KSA, I have my own car. How many people have already registered ?
    Kind regards

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Gwendal
      and thank you for stopping by my blog! I will email you directly with more details.

      kind regards

  2. Dear,
    Like to join but don’t have 4x4car

    Do you any optoin for this case?


    • Marina Bruce says:

      You could consider renting one? Or see if you can persuade a 4×4 owning friend to come along with you?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks Pearce! Looking forward to taking a group somewhere very different!

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Heather
      Yes the trip is suitable for children! Will email you.

      kind regards, Marina

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks Pearce! Looking forward to taking a group somewhere very different!

  3. Hello Marina,
    Looks great but don’t have a 4×4. Can you recommend a place to rent a car? We are based in Dubai.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Ed
      I have sent you an email – please check your inbox.
      all the best, Marina

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Samer – we will have a porta-potti at our camp. Just sending you full details of the expedition – deadline for signing up is tomorrow at 2100hrs. Kind regards, marina

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Abdullah! The trip was great. Lots of pictures to come later this week. No major technical difficulties, all issues dealt with in the field! Planning our next one already!

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