10 Best Outdoor Activities To Choose In And Around Las Vegas

Normally, outdoor enthusiasts are more likely to think about the Red Desert area or any other Arizona desert regions when they plan a new activity or adventure. These are actually some of the most targeted destinations in the US for an outdoor camping activity or for hiking.First Creek Swimming Hole and Waterfalls

Las Vegas – Your Next Destination For Outdoor Adventures

However, Las Vegas and most of all its nearby represent a very interesting area to explore for incredibly attractive outdoor activities, such as wild nature exploration, rock hiking, sand dune racing.

Actually, the area of Las Vegas is rich of wonderful natural landscapes, including several wild rivers, plenty of hot springs and many other opportunities to plan a nice and unique vacation or even a one-day getaway.

Outside the brilliant nightlife in the Strip, you can find these most beautiful places for outdoor activities:

  • 1) Black Mountain Summit
  • 2) Ice Box Canyon
  • 3) Valley of Fire State Park
  • 4) Alkali Hot Springs
  • 5) First Creek Swimming Hole and Waterfalls
  • 6) Keystone Thrust
  • 7) Goldstrike Hot Springs
  • 8) Ash Meadows National Wildlife refuge
  • 9) Black Canyon Water Trail
  • 10) Amargosa Big Dune

Visiting The Famous Strip

Of course, during your outdoor adventure vacation you can always plan to visit the city center of Las Vegas. The Strip is the main place to see in Las Vegas: its numerous online casinos are simply breathtaking!

Las Vegas can boast the world’s largest number of casinos and, what’s more, each casino consists in beautiful and unique giant buildings, with 5-star hotel provided with best comforts and services, including a very large swimming pool and an internal swimming pool for the winter season.

The best way to move in Las Vegas is the local bus line, but also taxis are a good mean of transportation.

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Roulette – Endless Betting Strategies

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