Tag-A-Long Desert Expedition (04-11-16)

Liwa VV trip

Event #002 – date Friday 4th November 2016

Start Point: Al Ain South (approx 90 minutes from Abu Dhabi/Dubai)

  • Briefing Time: 1445 hrs
  • Move off Time: 1500hrs

Finish Point: ADNOC #660 Abu-Dhabi to Himeem Road  (approx 1 hour from AD, 2 hours from Dubai and 2.5 hours from Al Ain)

  • Finish time: approx 1430 hrs

Suitable cars: Dodge Ram (lifted), Ford F150 (lifted), Ford Raptor, GMC Silverado (Lifted), Isuzu Trooper (lifted), Jeep Wrangler, Mitsubishi Pajero, Nissan Patrol, Nissan Pathfinder pre-2005, Nissan Xterra, , Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota LandCruiser, Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Toyota Tundra (lifted) – if your car is not on this list please enquire.

Price Includes

  • Expedition style drive – taking smooth lines over moderate terrain in the Eastern Part of the Liwa area (read more about expedition style driving at foot of page*)
  • Your convoy will be led by highly experienced and professional offroad driver
  • We will drive through an area where there is a high likelihood of encountering wildlife – this might be a great trip to disconnect your kids from technology!
  • Marina is also an accredited Abu Dhabi Tour Guide who specialises in heritage, culture and nature
  • Small trip – maximum 8 guest cars
  • Loan of flag and walkie talkie if required
  • Overnight camping (equipment available for hire if you do not have your own – quality Coleman tents 100aed per night, bed & bedding 50aed per person per night)
  • BBQ dinner with soft drinks (hummus, moutable, bread, camel burger, chicken and vegetable kebabs)
  • Campfire
  • Starry Sky (subject to weather conditions)!
  • Breakfast (scrambled eggs, bread, tea, coffee, fruit juice)
  • Packed snack lunch for Saturday
  • Leaving camp around 9am (subject to weather conditions – there is a chance of fog in the morning and we will wait til it clears til we move from camp)
  • Further offroad driving until around 1400hrs


  • One car with driver – 725aed
  • Passengers – 275aed each
  • Children aged 7-12 – 125aed each
  • Children 6 and under FOC
  • Trip subject to minimum 3 cars signing up
  • If more than 4 guest cars then second support car will accompany the group
  • Maximum number of guest cars – 8

To Sign Up

  • Please email marina@desertdivaevents.com with the following information
    • Car year/make/model/colour
    • How many passengers? (Please note the number of passengers must not exceed the number of seats/seatbelts in your vehicle.  Young children must be seated (and belted) into seats appropriate for their age.)
    • Have you driven offroad before and if so, what type of terrain?
    • Do you need us to lend you an offroad flag and/or a walkie talkie?
    • Do you have any special dietary requirements?
    • Is this your first time camping in the desert?

If you do not have your own car, can we suggest you hire a brand new, lifted Nissan Patrol Safari, which comes complete with quality ARB rooftent and camping kit from our partners at Overland Rent-A-Car in Al Ain?  Unlike many hire companies their cars are insured for offroad use – you can read all about them on their facebook page here. Please tell them that I sent you and that you are signing up for one of my expedition trips!

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*So what is expedition/overland driving?

  • Overlanding has a clear aim
    • Ours is to explore the beautiful, varied sands of the Eastern part of the Liwa North area.
  • Expedition driving is not about showing off to see who can climb the highest on a dune, or drive the fastest over the sabkah
    • Adrenaline junkies might not like this style of trip
  • Overlanding is about appreciating the topography and nature of the area
    • The Empty Quarter is not quite as empty as you may expect; there are quite a few birds, insects and lizards
    • We aim to minimise the environmental impact of the trip by making one track, avoiding damaging plants and not scaring the wildlife!
  • Expedition driving takes a relatively easy line to ensure all cars return to the blacktop at the end of the trip in good condition.
  • Overland driving may not plough through the most challenging terrain but this is no weekly drive to the supermarket!
  • Expedition driving inevitably covers cars in dust and sand!
    • After visiting the largest sand dune desert in the world you can expect to take home a few kgs of sand in your car and your shoes too!

Looking forward to seeing you in the desert!