Exporting Pets to Oman

We are in the process of moving to Oman and exported our two dogs, Rahhal and Ramla on 30th December 2016.  If you plan to migrate with your canine/feline family to the UAE’s neighbour, here’s what you need to do.

#1 – If they don’t have it already, get your pet/s microchipped.

#2 – Ensure your pets’ vaccinations are up to date.  Rabies vaccine is mandatory, and this should be administered at least 30 days before travel, in fact more than 30 days before you go and see the government vet – see below.

#3 – Up to 30 days before travel, apply online for an export permit from the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE).  This can only be done, and paid for, ONLINE!  Cost is 400aed for up to 5 pets.

#4 – Take your pet to be inspected by a Government vet – list on the MOCCAE website.  I went to the one at Abu Dhabi Airport which is open 24/7 and was not busy on a weekday evening.  They will scan your pet’s microchip then give you the export permit – the vet may give you the scanner and ask you to scan your pet in his presence.  This should be done within the 30 day window before departure.

#5 – Take your pets to an approved vet who will check them out and issue a certificate of good health – this cost us 250aed per dog.

#6 – Load your pets into your car (cages not required for dogs) and drive to UAE border.  I went to the Khatim Al Shikla border in Al Ain where you might not even have to leave your car.  Show your export permit, get your own exit stamp on your passport and go.

#7 – Arrive at Oman border post – we went to Wadi Al Jizzi – get an entry visa stamped into your passport.  Take the pets out of your car and proceed to Vet’s office which is the last building on the far  right as you drive through.  He will take a copy of your passport with visa stamp, plus the UAE export permit and the certificates of good health before issuing an import permit (40 OMR) plus an individual permit for each pet (20 OMR each).  The vet looked at my dogs – didn’t actually go near them, I think the one who dealt with mine is a little nervous around canines – handed over the permit.

#8 – load animals back into car and go – your pets have now successfully  been imported into Oman!


Now that is the easy bit – should be wish to export them from Oman it is a costly and much more complicated process with a long lead time!  Oman is a high-risk country for Rabies and the UAE, together with the UK and a whole host of other countries require a blood test to be done 90 days before travel to prove the rabies vaccine is active/effective.

I have heard of people smuggling pets into Oman from the UAE, then repeating the process the other way; I think this is extremely inadvisable given the new requirement by the UAE for the blood test, which only came into force in October 2016.



  1. Shruthi Salian Lea says:

    We are planning on a visit to Oman for 3 days from Dubai by road and are considering taking our Yorkshire terrier 4 month old she has microchip, vaccinations and passport. Could you please tell us the procedure to take her with us on our visit??? Thank you so much…

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello – You need to export your pet (as per procedure in this blogpost), then once in Oman, you have to reverse the progress. Before your pet can enter the UAE from Oman it should have a blood test to check that its rabies vaccination is active, and this needs to be done 90 days before entry to the UAE. So sorry, this is not really practical. There is a great vet/kennels in Al Ain (Royal Vet) so maybe you could leave her there while you are in Oman?
      Regards, Marina

  2. Jelena says:

    Please I need help.
    I will travel with dog in cabin from Belgrade ( Serbia, Europe), to Muskat by airplane and then with car to Dubai. How can I get import permit for Oman. I now what i have to have to import dog in UAE. my dog is resident of UAE.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      I don’t believe you can enter the UAE with a dog without an export permit from Oman and an import permit for UAE. Trust your dog is microchipped with full innoculations? Suggest you contact Muscat vets for advice and professional help.
      Good luck!

      • Thank you Marina. I have all necessery paper issued from UAE. Where I have to apply to get import permit for Oman. I read that cost is 40 oman currency, but some Ve clinic from Oman ask me to pay 270???

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi Jelena

          are you flying in or driving to Oman with your pets? If it is flying in then I can’t help you but if you are driving them over the border from the UAE then you get the permit on arrival at the border post.

          Good luck!

        • Jasmine says:

          Hello Jalena I am planning to do the same as I want to bring my puppy from Serbia to Muscat via passenger cargo and then drive him to Dubai. Did it work for you?

    • Katerina says:

      Hi Jelena. You probably already done your trip. I have same situation now. I took a dog from uae in cabin to Russia for holidays and now want to bring him to Muscat in cabin and drive to uae. This to avoid sending him cargo to Dubai. How was your experience? Can you please share?

      • I’m wondering if you were able to do this? I’m thinking of doing the same thing with my two cats.

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi Nana

          yes we were able to do this – the blogpost is an account of our experience. I believe it is still possible to do this but you may wish to check that all border posts accept animal exports. Good luck!

  3. Shannon says:

    Do you know if dogs have to be 4 months old to drive across the border? I know they do to fly in but I am looking to get a puppy that is 8 weeks old from dubai and bring her back to Oman where I live

    • Marina Bruce says:

      I believe so – Uae Export permit specifies minimum age of 4 months. Good luck!

  4. Hello I want to bring my cat to Oman from Qatar and I need an agent to get me the necessary paper from the ministry of agriculture in Oman as I am not in Oman.
    I didn’t find a way to do it online and I think someone has to be there in person.
    Do you know someone who can help?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Sam
      recommend Al Qurum (Muscat) Vets – they have a facebook page and you can contact them there. Good luck!

  5. Pankaj Athavale says:

    Dear Sir,

    You have shared an excellent information for pet lovers. Really appreciate.
    I need Just 1 clarity, I am travelling to India with 14 months old cat. she was born in oman only. so do i need to take import permit from india in advance ? because we will be travelling together in Air India.
    please clarify.
    thanks in adavance.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Pankaj
      I have just found yoir comment
      Sorry I don’t know about exporting to India. Suggest you contact Nada at Omani Paws. Good luck.

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