Gluten Free Desert

You may think that I have misspelled a word in the title or perhaps be expecting a recipe for GF chocolate brownies or some other treat, but the title is actually a nod to my becoming, somewhat suddenly, gluten-intolerant in the closing days of 2016.  I was very unwell in January, losing 8kgs in 5 weeks, without trying I hasten to add, and I could see the concern in my friends’ eyes.  It was only when I went to the Oasis Hospital in Al Ain that the doctor, after running a few tests, suggested I try a strict gluten free diet for 2 weeks.  The results were almost instant, my malaise disappeared and three weeks on I have regained most of my energy and my appetite for life!


My next challenge is to find a good source of GF products in Muscat as the supermarkets are not so well organised as the UAE ones – in Carrefour Barka there is a GF section but 90% of the products there are sugar free, not gluten free.  I need to find foods I can take on my desert expeditions including carbs (I tend to use a lot of energy out there) and protein (I have lost a bit of muscle/strength so need to build that up again) but thankfully I have a fridge so can take meats, eggs and bio yoghurts with me.

Any suggestions for one-pot easy-to-prepare recipes are very welcome!

And as for the weight loss?  Well I have been carrying extra weight for a long time, in fact I must own up to having been slightly overweight for 20 years.  I am now almost at my pre-pregnancy weight so look forward to maintaining that or even shedding a few more kilogrammes, gradually and under control.  (Thank you for not pointing out that my younger “baby” is 24 later this month!)


  1. Lilianne Donders says:

    I am so glad that it works that glutenfree diet. We love it. Made the other say aubergine bread gluten free and it need still more work the taste was yammie. Will be for 2 weeks away but hope to see you there after. 💋💋

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks Lilianne – looking forward to catching up with you x

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