Shoof Oman! #013

شوف (arabic) shoof: look! see! (english)

For hundreds of years the donkey was the preferred carrier for goods and people in many areas of Oman; this is especially true in the mountain areas such as Jebel Akhdar where these sure-footed beasts of burden were entrusted with carrying the crops to market.

However, the donkey is now largely feral in Oman, having been made redundant by the Toyota Landcruiser pick-up .  These beauties were snapped between Sur and Wadi Bani Khaled but you can SEE them near many villages in rural oman.

Oman is a truly wonderful country, full of beautiful places to visit and interesting things to see.  Some tourists are content to spend their holidays within the confines of their luxurious Arabian styled 4 star hotels, and there is nothing wrong with that.  However if you get yourself out there you might find something unusual, quirky or bizarre to photograph and as a bonus any Omanis you encounter will bowl you over with their kindness and hospitality.  I have traveled extensively throughout the Sultanate and not seen half of all there is to see.

Will you follow me and شوف Oman?