Driver’s Delight: Guided Self-Drive Tour of Oman

Our preparations for the new season continue!

We are occasionally asked by overseas tourists whether  we can accommodate them – and the answer is of course!  Not just on our weekend tag-a-long-trips but also on specially designed 7, 10 and 12 night itineraries.  These are aimed at groups with a minimum of 8 participants and the tour will be tailored to the needs of those guests.  I have put together a base itinerary which has lots of scope for add-on visits and modifications – read on and see what you think?

The price will depend on group size, the season and hotel prices.  Driver’s delight has four nights in hotels and three wild camping (although the middle night of those can also be a hotel if you don’t fancy sleeping on the beach, listening to the Indian Ocean breakers crashing a couple of hundred metres from your tent, waking up in the morning to find a turtle has been onto the beach and laid her eggs while you were sleeping….)

Driver’s delight covers around 2000kms, much of it quiet country roads with a bit of wadi, track, sandtrack, beach and easy dune driving.  Our guests will experience the culture, heritage and nature of central and northern (mainland) Oman on this itinerary which crosses a variety of terrains; coastline, plains and two different deserts.

There are four options

Self-drive including hire car (Toyota LC/Nissan Xterra or Mitsubishi Pajero) with 2 persons per car

Self-drive including hire car with 4 persons per car

Self-drive with your own car (GCC foreign residents)

Chauffeur driven – if you would prefer not to take the wheel yourself



















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