Expedition Style Driving

What is expedition/overland driving?

  • Overlanding has a clear aim
    • We always have a medium-long distance route uploaded to our GPS, but with early get-out plans in case of problems.
  • Invariably these routes are a long way from civilisation, so leaders always exercise caution when choosing their route.
    • At the most remote part of our route we are typically 50-100 kms from the nearest car repair facilities, shops and other services!
  • Expedition driving is not about showing off to see who can climb the highest on a dune, or drive the fastest over the sabkah
    • Adrenaline junkies might not like this style of trip
  • Overlanding is about appreciating the topography and nature of the area
    • The Empty Quarter is not quite as empty as you may expect; there are a few birds and insects
    • The dunescape you will be driving through is both unique and spectacular
    • We make lots of stops for photographs and exploration
  • Expedition driving takes a relatively easy line to ensure all cars return to the blacktop at the end of the trip in good condition.
    • We will coach you through any tricky obstacles
  • Overland driving may not plough through the most challenging terrain but this is no weekly drive to the supermarket!
    • On our trip there is always “real” offroad driving!
  • Expedition driving inevitably covers cars in dust and maybe mud.
    • After visiting the largest sand dune desert in the world you can expect to take home a few kgs of sand in your car and your shoes too!
  • Overlanding is not a race and we drive in a convoy, communicating by walkie talkie, and our speed is dictated by the lowest/heaviest car and/or the least experienced driver!

Your safety is always our #1 priority!


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