10 Good Reasons To Join The Desert Diva’s Tag Along Guided Self-Drive Adventures

  • Most of our guests are new, or nearly new to offroading so we keep our routes easy, and talk you though any challenging sections.
  • Our desert itineraries focus on empty desert areas, and its not unusual to not see another soul between leaving the road and returning 24 hours later
  • Depending on route and sand conditions, you can expect to drive 50-120kms over the sand on one of our trips.

  • Marina has been leading people into the desert for over 8 years and is expert at coaching as you take your first steps on the sand.
  • The drives are tailored to the least experienced driver and the longest/lowest car
  • That being said, even if you have been out on the sand a few times before, you should find something to challenge you,
  • Remember your safety is always our #1 priority!

  • Almost all our itineraries are family friendly – if it is an adults-only drive then it will say so in the description (and we only have one of those planned, in January 2019)
  • Plenty of stops for passengers to stretch their legs and for photographers to get some great desert snaps.
  • Our drives are smooth without too many twists and turns and kids in general love them.
  • Young ones should be seated, and belted up, in an age appropriate seat.

  • Is your 4×4 sitting in your driveway, sad because it only gets to go to the mall or the school run?
  • Break free from the city limits and see what your 4×4 is really capable of!
  • Imagine piloting it yourself across a vast dunescape on one of our trips!
  • Car information here
  • Offroad insurance recommended – vehicles rarely get damaged on our trips however it is best to be insured, just in case.

  • There are many organised trips with 30-900 cars; we prefer a calmer approach with small groups
  • We generally cover more kilometres with a small group and we find that firm friendships are made round the campfire when there are not too many  people.

  • There is no need to rush out and buy recovery equipment for our trips
  • Marina has a winch, a few snatchstraps as well as a couple of shovels!
  • If you have some recovery equipment then you are welcome to take it along, but if not, don’t worry, we have it covered

  • High side sloping and cross cresting are considered advanced manoeuvres and carry a significantly higher chance of accident.
  • For this reason we keep the level low so it’s a memorable trip for all the right reasons.
  • We also consider the wildlife and the dunes themselves and try to drive in a manner to minimise damage to either.

  • Solar power plants, date plantations, massive aquifers, forts, fish farms and ancient towers – these can all be found either in, or at the edge of the desert.
  • We will endeavour to make your journey an enriching and learning experience

  • We are expert campers and will choose a weather-appropriate campspot deep in the desert.
  • We have some camping gear available for hire or you can use your own
  • One of the best things about exploring the desert is watching 5 million stars whilst you are sitting around a campfire!

  • Pay 50% at time of booking to secure your place, followed by the balance 14 days before start of tour.

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