My new Company: Xpedition Arabia

Although I’ve been away from the UAE since May, my thoughts haven’t strayed far from the desert, in fact I’ve been busy preparing things for my return in the autumn.

I’ve set up Xpedition Arabia, registered in Fujairah, UAE, created a new business website (as opposed to this Desert Diva Blog), and launched some amazing new adventures. Click on the links below to access full information!

Rocks, Sea and Sand 7 Night Oman Adventure
Oman Coast and the Rub Al Khali 8 Night Oman Adventure
Mountains, Wadis and Sea 7 Night Oman Adventure

The Middle East demographic is changing so I feel I must move away from total reliance on weekend trips for expats, and instead offer longer self-drive adventures to appeal to tourists as well. In the UAE, it is impossible to rent a car with allowed offroad use, however in Oman this is not the case and I have found a really good company to work with. For those reasons I will base myself in Oman and come across to the UAE for a few weekend trips which I will deliver with a trusted partner. Click the link below for details and dates.

Weekend Adventures in the UAE

I may add some extra weekends, if my schedule allows, and am also cooking up a 4 or 5 night Oman trip between Christmas and New Year. You will find details on my new website , keep an eye out for updates on my Xpedition Arabia facebook page, or follow us on instagram.

  1. Vince Ford says:

    Hey Marina,
    I’m part of Toastmasters in NZ and I’m doing a speech on someone who has mentored me. I’m speaking about you, the one and only Desert Diva and how you acted as a mentor during my desert driving. Loved every minute of it and I’m eternally grateful for the skills you taught me, the leadership and awesome people management that you modelled and encouraged. I loved it.

    Girls are well and happy and we’re riding out Covid 19 in a beautiful house we built in the Bay of Plenty. I hope you and your family are doing well and that the effects of Coronovirus aren’t knocking your family and your business too badly.

    All the best

    ps. I’m copying the picture of you and your falcon to use in my speech. Hope you don’t mind. You’ll be world famous at Tauranga Toastmasters!

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