Featured Photographer 5: Sarah Brooks

Our trips offer photographers, both amateur and semi-professional, the opportunity to take amazing photographs! Over the next few weeks I will feature work from a few of our guests – I hope you like their pictures as much as I do.

Sarah has joined (and assisted) on quite a few trips both in the UAE deserts and Oman. As she is often helping me, she seldom has time to take many photos, but those that she has taken are really lovely.

A few words about Sarah in her own words

“I was introduced to offroading through photography in 2012 and quickly got hooked. My first Jeep was bought 3 weeks after first outing and I’ve been a fairly regular offroader since then!

In love with the serenity and tranquility of the dunes, the textures, shapes and shadows, and I love camels and camping too!

Met Marina back in 2014, in the middle of the desert with friends, somewhere around Hameem, where else! I have then supported and driven with her for her Dark Skies Challenges in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 as well as on some of her Desert Diva and Expedition Arabia trips. 

My photography passions are landscape and macro photography which the desert sands lend themselves well as do the mountainous expanses of Oman. 

I haven’t done nearly as many trips with Marina as I would like! Hopefully the next season will be my chance. 

My gear for driving is a mildy modified JK, photography gear is a nikon D800 with a variety of lenses.”

Rub Al Khali and Umm As Sameem, Oman

Sarah’s first outing on one of my official trips was back in 2016 when she joined us for 2 days in the most remote part of Oman.

Oman: a Tale of 2 Wadis
The Dark Skies Challenge

An overlanding event where our the objective was to drive the shortest route between waypoints – 150 kilometres between the start and finish! Team leaders had to be confident drivers, competent navigators, be able to read the dunes as well as motivating their team-mates and fostering the spirit of teamwork! Sarah caught the latter aspect just perfectly – this won the Teamwork category of the photo competition!

Also taken on the DSC, possibly a different year!

Thank you Sarah for capturing all these wonderful images on my trips!

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