1001 Xpedition Arabia Nights

Having lost count of the number of times it has been suggested I write a book, I finally got round to moving things (a little) forward during the spring and summer lockdown.

I have a collection of around 200,000 UAE/Oman photos and spent over 2 weeks working my way through them, selecting 1001 as inspiration for this book.

A friend also pointed out that these show the vast experience I have of offroading, exploring, and understanding the culture and heritage of Oman and the UAE – essential for a tour guide and something I should be shouting out to the world!

The photos are not necessarily technically perfect, but have been chosen to tell my story of 10 years in the Arabian Gulf and documenting just some of the amazing experiences I have had over the years.

I am sharing these, up to 3 a day on social media, with a few words, but keeping the big stories for my book!

These photos are just a taster – why not check out the series so far on the above links, or hashtag #1001xpeditionarabianights

Hope you enjoy these!

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