Al Dhafra Festival – Private Trip Hosted by The Desert Diva

Why not join The Desert Diva for some Arabian Culture and Heritage at the Al Dhafra Festival? You’ll be transported to an earlier age when the camel was an essential part of survival in the deserts of the Middle East and the pride of the Arabian Tribes. We’ll then take our mechanical camels on our own journey across the ever-changing dunes to our campsite to rest and relax in the warmth of a campfire. The following dates are available – (24th Trip Booked)/25th/26th and 30th of January 2023.

On offer is a guided tour around the festival followed by an overnight camp in the nearby desert of Madinet Zayed. Ideal for families wishing to get the best experience of the festival and a night away from city life.

Getting there
We meet in Madinat Zayed, Western Region at 1000hrs and then travel to the festival. We’ll spend the day there before heading off into the desert.

What can you Expect
Firstly, the warmest of welcomes from me but also from those at the festival. You’ll find yourself being offered coffee and food all day long, which you are welcome to take but leave some room for the evening meal! I’ll give you some Arabic phrases to politely refuse if you’ve had your fill.

Throughout the day I’ll be guiding you around the various events and explaining what we are seeing. Apart from the main arena, there are other sites to see. Local craft-making will be on display using traditional methods that have been passed down for many generations.

As the sun goes down we’ll make our way to the camps and be provided with a traditional meal. We can sit and watch the dancing until we are ready to retire. We’ll head off into the desert to our own camping spot and sit around our campfire, telling stories and having a chat. Don’t worry that you’ve never been offroad, we’ll have plenty of time to discuss the finer points of offroading and the Desert Diva will ensure you reach the camp safely.

Next morning we’ll take a light breakfast at 0800hrs before we’ll head back to our starting point for 0930hrs giving you plenty of time to return home and relax.

Can you spot a beautiful camel?
Camels are judged on a number of physical aspects. Learn more about these at the festival
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  • Driver and passenger – 1500aed
  • Additional passengers – 150aed each
  • If required, hire of camping equipment – 75aed each (Guest should bring their own pillow and sleeping bag.


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