Currently, we require our customers to pay us by bank transfer but we anticipate being able to accept Visa and Mastercard in the very near future.  Bank transfer payments will continue to be accepted after the change.

Upon receipt of your booking form we check it and then advise you of the total amount to be paid as well as the deposit or balance amount if applicable our bank details by email.

Whenever we receive your payment we will advise by email.

As before, upon receipt of your booking form, which should be emailed to, we will check it.

Then we will raise an electronic invoice which will be emailed to you, giving the total amount, the amount due and a link to pay direct to our merchant servicing company.

We will confirm receipt of your payment via email within 2 working days.

No further tickets for the event/trip will be issued.  We will contact you around a week before with trip joining instructions and any updates.

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