Most of our trips happen in Oman or Liwa, UAE, and these are both conservative areas.

What to wear

We are heading deep into the desert so wear comfortable clothes.  We suggest lightweight knee length shorts or trousers and loose fitting t-shirts or a shirt.   A wide brimmed hat can help with keeping you cool .

Where we visit “local” restaurants, or villages or out of the way areas we suggest wearing modest clothes while in public. Knee length shorts and short sleeved tops are fine; short shorts and vest style t-shirts are not recommended.

Please wear trainers or boots in the dark and around the campfire – it may be the “empty” quarter but there are some creatures there which will bite or sting you if you stand on them by accident!  If anyone should be unlucky enough to be stung by a scorpion, then we will drive them out to the nearest hospital – it will take around 2 hours to reach there.

During the winter (and in summer at altitude such as Jebel Akhdar) the nights can get very cold, so you may like to take a fleece or a blanket to wrap round you at the campfire!

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