A Way Too Close Encounter of the Camel Kind

 After a grand weekend’s driving in Liwa we stopped to say hello to some camels. 

 This one was very friendly…

Loved the ear massage I gave it

Got up close and personal with my friends

And then when it was time to go, it wanted to come too – and thats when the accident happened!

As our party of five headed towards the cars, I heard it right behind me, so took a step to the left so it wouldn’t collide with me… just as it took a step to the left for the same reason.

It knocked me down then I had the horrendous view of its hooves only inches from my head as she tried not to put her weight on me. Thankfully she succeeded but I am still left with a few sore bits and a couple of big bruises.

You can’t believe how solid a camel is and how easily they can knock you over – although a small female I reckon she still weighed about 300kg. 

I can’t believe I am lucky enough to walk away with only minor injuries; a camel can kill with a kick, though generally that’s an angry camel, not an over-friendly one.

This hasn’t put me off camels at all, though I will exercise a bit more care when around them.  The worst thing about this episode is that I am basically housebound for the week and I won’t be doing any serious desert driving for a few weeks!  But at least I am here to tell the tale!

Photos by Marie Huggins – thanks for letting me use them!

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