Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.”

In responding to this challenge, I see many bloggers are sharing winter photos such as frozen geraniums (the wonderful Uncle Spike) and deserted beaches (Reinhold Staden).

However, the off-season in the UAE is in the summer, when temperatures are over 40C and very humid on the coast; inland they can reach a blistering 55C and only enthusiasts nutters like me venture outdoors for adventure.  After a morning (or late afternoon’s) drive in the desert, there is nothing like returning to the lovely Liwa Hotel for a dip in the deserted pool – one of the best summertime benefits to UAE residents is ultra-cheap hotel deals.


This photo was taken in August 2012, when we completed a 5 day break in Liwa, during Ramadan.   You can read about our trip here and here.

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