Weekly Photo Challenge: Beneath Your Feet


As I wander over the desert I often step out of the car and look at patterns made by the beautiful multi-tonal sand of the Empty Quarter.  Individual grains borne on the wind come from – who knows where?

Although I am at home in the desert of the UAE, when back in the land of my birth you will more than likely find me walking on sand too – this time near the sea.  The UAE, similar in size to Scotland,has a sizeable coastline, however much of it is developed and beaches are few and far between.  Every now and then though, we head to Fujairah to have a change of scene for a few days.  Walking along the beach is a somewhat warmer experience than in the UK – temps rarely fall below 23C during the day, even in winter.

The photo was taken on the beach near the Hilton Hotel in Fujairah; the tide had gone out and the sand had that gluey texture, not quite saturated, but a long way from dry.  The weather was extremely humid, hence the grainy texture of the photo.