Salalah Camels and Coos

This is an easy to prepare blog for me – over the past week I have worked on my Salalah series, and those which have routes and waypoints attached take quite a bit of work.  So for those who have asked to see some more photos of our trip, thanks for giving me an excuse to post a “quickie” blog!
I love camels and find it almost impossible to drive by without saying “hello” and taking some photos.  Of course in Al Ain, we see camels only in the desert, so it was strange to see them on the beaches, in the wadis and high up in the mountains!

Camels have a voracious appetite for greenery; these palm fronds must have been tough though!

Just ambling by…

It’s always wise to have an exit strategy when you feed a herd of camels with arabic bread.

Wadi bashing camel style!

High on a hill…

and a cliff – make no apologies for putting my favourite photo in my blog again!

We encountered this herd of camels daily when we left the campsite.

And now for the coos (cattle).  The north of Scotland is synoymous with coos (think Aberdeen Angus) for beef and for milk.  There’s not a lot of them in the UAE so it was great to see some here

at Wadi Dirbat (could be Scotland)

at Eftiqot (various spellings in map and on signs!)

do cattle all lie down if its going to rain (like they do in Scotland)?

why did the cow cross the road?  (and didn’t it realise this was a 120kph highway!)

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