Xazu (my car) Gets a Deep Clean

As an offroader, having a car that is highly polished and in showroom condition is not normally a priority.  I am proud of my car but it’s because of where it can go, rather than how it looks.  BUT….. after 10 days in Oman over Christmas even I had to admit she was looking in a sorry state!


Whenever we tackle long overlands on dusty tracks we always use spray on paint protector – well at least since I sandblasted the bonnet and wings a few years back when I followed Neil for about 100kms at high speed on a oilfield track! It certainly does its job but the black stuff seems to cling to the paintwork for a few washes.  We had also done a lot of wet sabkha driving – tackling the enigmatically named “umm as sameem” – and took home a few inches of salty mud with us.

I’d managed to put some deep scratches along one side of the car – courtesy of a spiky bush in a wadi.  So that’s the outside.

As for the inside….

DSC_0058 DSC_0062

I sent an SMS to my friend Ahmed who owns the Black Pearl in Sanaiya to see if he would take on the challenge – and I am glad to say he did!

First part of the process – they took it for a thorough washdown at a truck wash.


Next – they removed the seats (more about them in a minute).  Look at the state of the carpet!

IMG_5328 IMG_5329

Hosed down the seats – I had forgotten they were grey!


The car was in with Ahmed and his crew for a full day and this is how great it was when I collected it.  For years now it has been difficult to slide the seats back and forth – I know why now; they were clogged with dirt.  Tall passengers will now be able to sit in far more comfort!

IMG_5343 IMG_5337

Look at my shiny car!  Scratches completely gone and a protective coat of wax polish applied.

IMG_5346 IMG_5347

Great work Black Pearl!

If you are thinking of selling your car, why not give it to Ahmed first and let him deep clean it and have it looking in the best condition possible.  His prices are very reasonable – he will give you a quote after he sees the car, as prices vary depending on vehicle size and how dirty it is!

blackpearlflyer003     blackpearlflyer002

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