GCC Foreign Residents: Enter Oman For FIVE OMR For Up To 28 Days!

If you have a GGC Residency – ie a residency visa stamped in your passport from UAE, Saudi, Kuwait, Qatar or Bahrain – then those of you with approved professions*, which will be most of you, will  be able to obtain a 28 day AGCC Foreign Resident Visa on arrival in Oman at a cost of FIVE Omani Riyals.

Find out more from the ROP website – click “visit unsponsored visas” > “view” > “29” > “sub-type” > “29A” > “detail”.  Or you can just read the screen grab below!


*The approved professions as mentioned in #146 above are as follows.  Note housewives, when accompanied by their sponsor (husband) will also qualify for this visa.  Same for kids.  Technically housewives need a 20 OMR visit visa when entering Oman on their own (ie without their sponsor), but there is no harm in asking for a GCCFR visa – the worst the guard can do is say no and process you on a Tourist Visit Visa.

AGGFR visas are granted on arrival at the border but be sure you tick the correct box when filling out the visa application form.You do not need a photo (#341 above) nor a copy of your passport (#342) – this only applies if you are applying for the visa online in advance.


Note- your passport should have at least 6 months validity and your GCC residency at least 6 months.

Priced at 5 Oman Rials, the same price as the 10 day visit visa for “ordinary” tourists, many expats have not been aware of the AGCC Foreign Residents visa and been ticking the “Tourist Visit Visa” box when heading for the weekend to Oman. These visas are not new, in fact I have been entering Oman with them, often for over 10 days at a time, since arriving in the UAE back in 2009.  There can be a slight confusion now at the land borders, certainly at Wadi Jizzi and Hafeet;  even although you are issued with an AGCCFR visa, the stamp still says “visit visa.”  Up to a few months ago they used to have a different stamp and I have no idea why this has changed, but you should be charged the lower rate and if not, query why.


You might consider making life a little easier for the border guards by putting a paperclip on the passport page which holds your residency visa!  (When done, transfer the paperclip to the page your new Oman Visa is on – this will make it quicker to find when the border guard stamps you “out” of Oman.)

You can also apply for an evisa online (currently not mandatory) and this may or may not speed up the border formalities – it certainly will not make the wait in the line longer so worth doing.  Full details here.

Oman is waiting for you…. come on over!!!

For details of border crossing points you might like to check out my previous blog post – UAE-Oman Border Crossings: The Lowdown

  1. Mike Galvin says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. Glad we will still be able to pop over to Oman for AED 50.

  2. RAJESH says:

    Is the GCC Resident Visa still avaible at 5 Riyal ? I am planning to go tomarrow ?

    How can I Check



    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi, yes it is still available if you meet the conditions. Have a great time!

      • saif habib says:

        hi I am residence for dubai but my possition not aveloble in list of GCC. my possition Receptionist staff. can I get on arrival vias for oman? I am from Bangladesh.

  3. Sudhir says:

    Dear Sir

    Since applying Oman Visa is now online, I have few doubts

    1. “Oman Visa for UAE residents” processing takes how many days after online application?
    2. Once Visa is confirmed and issued, within how many days should I enter Oman?
    3. I am planning to visit Oman on 30th August by road in my car with family, cant wait in queue at the border. By when should I apply visa online?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Sudir
      I am sorry I do not know the procedure for the online visa – or even if it is possible to apply for the GCC Foreign Residents visa via the website – since it asks for sponsors etc and you do not need one for the AGCC FR visa. Please contact the Oman Embassy – number at the foot of this blogpost.
      Wishing you a great time in Oman.

  4. Hi. I am a housewife from qatar. I hold a qatar residency card and was wondering if i can travel to Oman on my own and get an on arrival visa.

      • Pakistani passport. I just called Oman Air office here in Doha and they said that I, as a housewife cannot travel alone without my sponsor (husband) even though i have a valid RP:(

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hello RS – yes as a housewife you need your husband with you. I asked which passport you had as some nationalities, eg British, receive a tourist visa on arrival. Unfortunately it does not extend to citizens of your countty. I hope you can work something out. Kind regards

  5. Hello! I have a Philippine passport with a valid Qatar resident permit expiring on December. I plan to visit Oman this end of August, how many months should the resident permit be valid to be eligible for visa on arrival?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Thanks for stopping by my blog – I am sorry I am not an expert on such matters, please contact the Oman Embassy. Wishing you a great time in Oman!

  6. Hi
    i am a domestic worker of UAE citizen can i travel Oman without my sponsor?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello I do not think this is possible. Please call the embassy on the number at the end of my blog.

  7. Hi Marina, thanks for the very useful info. However, I have a doubt regarding the dependency visa . I am a GCC resident and has applied for an online “Visit Un-sponsored Visa”. My wife is a house wife and has a dependency visa sponsored by me. How can she travel along with me to Oman? Does she require a separate visit visa?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi – you can get GCC resident visa on arrival as can she. Not sure how to do online! Regards, Marina

    • farid says:

      1.for you ( GCC resident ) apply 29A visa
      2.for your wife and childreen aply 29C visa
      all can be done in the system, first you apply they will check your nationality just follow the step and choose the visa type.

  8. Does this apply today as well. My husband is an Engineer and we are residents of Qatar. We are travelling to Oman on 28th December, 2017, and are confused as to whether we can get visa on arrival or not. Can we?

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Nabeela
      just found your comment. Yes the information is current, I entered Oman last week from Qatar and received GCC resident visa on arrival. Have a great trip.

      • how long does the residency permit need to be vild for as minimum 3 months or 6 months?

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi – sorry for delay in replying. It is 3 months.

  9. saif habib says:

    hi I am residence for dubai but my possition not aveloble in list of GCC. my possition Receptionist staff. can I get on arrival vias for oman? I am from Bangladesh.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Sorry I don’t think so. They can be quite strict about this. You might need to get an agency to apply. Good luck!

  10. can a house husband travel to oman on his own on a uae resident visa as a gcc resident. i.e. pay 5 OMR
    i am aware worse case senario will be able to obtain 20 omr visa as a british citizen.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      No you cannot BUT the good news is that Oman has reinstated the 10 day 5 OMR visa so a tourist visa won’t cost you any more (unless you stay for over 10 days). Safe journey!

  11. mustak says:

    hi.i have u a e President. but my profaction. sales manager.cane I get arrivel visa.

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Mustak

      If your residency says “manager” in the title you should be ok. You can test it out by applying for an evisa (see separate blogpost). Good luck!

  12. vivian john lobo says:

    hii, i am residency of Dubai,working as supervisor but in my visa concrete structure worker as mentioned . I try to apply in online also but no reply came still . I wanted to visit Oman next eid holidays with my wife and kid. can you please help me how to get visa . my visa profession also not mentioned your list in online .

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Vivian – try applying for a tourist visa, if you are on the list to get VOA then you will be fine. If in doubt, then contact the number at the bottom of this blogpost. The 10 day tourist visa costs the same as the GCC foreign residents, ie 5 OMR. Good luck

  13. vivian john lobo says:

    Dear sir, Thanks for the information . In which visa type i should apply tourist visa in online and my wife and my kids also required to take visa separate . they are in my Sponsorship visa . How many days will get process for visa

  14. vivian john lobo says:

    Dear Sir , Today I applied tourist oman in 26E type visa . but along with me my wife and daughter (years) is travelling . So can you please let me know they require to take separate tourist or not . They are under my Sponsorship visa now .

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Everyone regardless of age requires a visa to enter Oman. Gcc foreign residents with a qualifying profession should take a 29a visa. Ther dependents should take a 29b visa. Good luck.

  15. vivian john lobo says:

    OK .Last month i applied in 29 A but that is rejected ) But my profession is not mentioned in the list so i applied online tourist (26 E)as suggest by you . In this case my wife (29 YEAR) and kid (3 years ) require to take tourist visa or not .

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Yes – each one of you requires a separate visa. You can get an unsponsored visa for 10 days for 5 omr if you qualify (nationality).

  16. Vivian says:

    Hii maam, can i get tourist visa on arrival. Actullay i applied online but it shown immigration office closed in oman so online visa nt getting. Can you please suggest is there tourist visa available in border by road

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello and sorry for delay in replying – i have been travelling. If its a gcc foreign residemt visa you have applied for then yes, I believe you csm get at the border – take a screenshot of your pending visa. Good luck and safe journey!

      • Hi there- Does a UAE resident need an Oman visa to visit the enclaves? e.g Buraimi from Al Ain?

        • Marina Bruce says:

          Hi Leigh -just found this! Yes you do – back before 2013 there was no need but since then you need a visa.

  17. Hi. Im an UAE resident with Philippine passport.. my profession in my visa is Sales. But im working as a receptionist in a real estate company. Am i eligible for VOA? Thanks

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Lea
      Sorry for delay in replying – I have been travelling. In regards to your query – it doesnt matter what you actually do, it is all down to what is written on your residence permit! Check and see if it is on the list – good luck!

  18. Shammas Gafoor says:

    Am I eligible for voa while traveling with my husband who is an architectural draftsman and he is sponsoring me . We are residents of uae. Without noc from bank can we take our mortgaged car
    Thank you

    • Neil Bruce says:

      Hi – if your husband’s profession is on the approved list then yes he can get a 29b visa for you. Technically, you should have an NOC from the bank but most of the time you are not asked for it – hope you are lucky!

  19. Myself Indian, resident in UAE & my visa is expiring on January end 2019. Noramally iam stamping my Visa @Oman Airport when i reached there.

    Now my residency is validity is lessthan 6 months, what i need to do to Visit Oman



    • Marina Bruce says:

      since your visa expires in less than 6 months you can no longer get a gcc foreign resident visa. I believe you may get a tourist visa which at 5 omr is the same price for 10 days as the GCCFR visa for 28. I suggest you apply online – it is normally a very quick process if you have been to Oman before. Good luck.

  20. Hello Marina… I am a UAE resident planning to visit Salalah during the first week of December. My wife’s UAE residence visa expires by 15-Jan ’19…. Is it possible to get a visa on arrival? I am a professional qualified for visa on arrival to GCC countries…. Please advise any possible alternate options for a 4 day visit!


    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hi Alex
      What nationality (passport) is your wife? She won’t get a GCC foreign resident visa but she may get a tourist visa. Regards, Marina

  21. Hi!
    Just want to know what type of oman Visa should my sister apply…
    She is currently a Saudi resident with profession on the list who can avail e visa…

    The problem is that she will be traveling from saudi – Cairo – Oman….

    But provision says – 29A visa can be availed only by a GCC residents travelling directly from a GCC

    Any advise is highly appreciated…

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Sam – sorry just seen your query. What is her nationality? Does she qualify for a tourist visa on arrival in Oman?

    • Napari says:

      Please I want to go to Oman Visa for 30 days. How much it will cause me to go

      • Marina Bruce says:

        Hello Napari – it all depends on your profession on your residency visa in the uae. You cannot get 30 days as a gcc resident so would 28 do? If you do not qualify for a gcc resident then please check if your nationality is one of the group one countries which qualify for an evisa. good luck./

  22. Hai Marina Bruce: Thanks for detailed explanation and appreciate your patience to write such article.

    Need suggestions:

    I have UAE GCC resident Visa, myself, wife and daughter having 6 months validity of residence visa but my son having only 3.5 months validity of resident visa. I planning t oapply through Online 29A type fo rme and 29B for dependants as per your suggetsion.

    I can get visa for my son My son visa ? Or i Can apply through 26 type. Please advise

    • Marina Bruce says:

      Hello Abdul – thanks for the compliment.

      Re your son – does he have a passport from one of the list 1 countries? If so, yes, if not I suggest you ask at the Oman embassy for their advice

      Have a great trip!

  23. Muhammad says:

    planning to visa in aug and my wife visa expires in November i.e. exactly 3 months. will I get a visa. I’m from Pakistan but a GCC resident(approved profession)..

    • Neil Bruce says:

      Hi Muhammed – please contact immigration in Oman for clarification. Good luck and have a great time!

  24. Hi im a gcc resident and i have a visa under the approved profession, can i take my niece with me? How to apply?

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